Monday, June 23, 2008

slowly but surely!

our house seems like its coming together slowly but surely! last weekend we got our doors and molding delivered! a few weeks ago my brother in law courtney and my sister jami came down and helped us texture a few rooms in our house! hopefully this weekend we can get everything painted! we're so grateful for everyones help! its a big job but it honestly has been fun!

seeing how our doors look!
my sister and brother in law came down and helped us texture our walls
kars carrying in our molding!

carrying in our doors!

courtneys shower!

my best friend courtney was married last friday! i am so happy for her! she looked so beautiful! her and travis are so awesome together! i know its sorta late (only a few weeks!) but i thought i would post some pictures from her shower! it was so fun to see all of our friends! its crazy because some i have not seen since high school! we had so much fun and laughed alot! congratulations again court and trav!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

only 2 more months!

only two more months and i'll officially be mrs. morgan! were getting excited! we have been a little stressed out with the wedding plans and fixing up our cute little house in nephi! fixing up a house is not cheap as we are learning but its been way fun! Its exciting to watch the progress as we have been working on it! were so grateful for everyones help! we for sure couldn't do it alone! we will post some pictures as soon as i figure out how to do so!