Friday, May 21, 2010

Progress of the Nursery!

The nursery started out looking like this...
and now it looks like this...
We are making progress people!!!
That is beautiful drywall.
We are actually going to be able to hang things up on those walls.
There is going to be more than one outlet in this room.
My baby boy is going to be living in Paradise!
Mind you my house was built in the 1890's... so maybe you could understand my excitement!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I am in need of some help. We keep getting random comments from people and I don't know how to delete them! Its sometimes in a different language and some not so nice words pop up between them! I don't want to go private but I don't want the random peoples to keep looking at our blog, especially when the baby comes! Does anyone know how to delete or get rid of them?! I don't know if there is an easy way or not but if you know will you let me know! Thanks so much!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

Karson has been counting down to Cinco De Mayo for about 2 months now. I would get a text every now and than reminding me that it was coming up. Don't ask my why he loves it so much... he just does! We decided to have a little shin dig at our casa to celebrate. We ate some delicious tacos and did what everyone else does on Cinco De Mayo... watched American Idol of course! We bought a pinata and filled it with wonderful Mexican candies (well they said made in Mexico!) and we were planning to hit the pinata open but Karson wouldn't let us! He said he wanted to save it. Save it for what, who knows! There is a picture of Rex trying to get the candy out for us to enjoy! Maybe next year we will be able to actually hit it like normal people do!

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The gang!
The food!
The Pinata!