Monday, July 30, 2012


 This is how the boys have been watching the Olympics these past few days! Madden yells out GO GO GO and jumps up and down! He has loved watching the swimming and gymnastics so far! When the gymnastics are on he turns into a somersaulting fool! Nash sits and claps over and over! It has been almost more fun watching these two as it has watching the athletes!

Naughty boy!

 Madden has always been a curious little boy. From time time could crawl he was into everything. He can make the biggest messes in the blink of an eye. The one thing he has never done was unravel the toilet paper, that is until yesterday. George was here having dinner with us and asked if Madden uses the bathroom by himself. We laughed cause he is far from it. He was being super quiet and when he came out he was doing this crazy thing with his arms. We went to find out what the stink was up to and it turns out he was showing us how he unraveled the toilet paper! He has turned into such a naughty little boy these days. Oh Madden how I love your naughty mischievous self!

Bubble Machine

Madden got a bubble machine for his birthday from Aunt Kylee and I think it is safe to say he LOVES IT! He wanted to play with it in the house and his dad is a sucker so he set it up. We quickly realized that it makes the carpets soaking wet so we took it outside!

Nashy's turn

Madden was eating a otter pop when Nash decided he wanted one too. I went to get Nash one and came across this little scene. Madden was sharing with Nash. He would say Maddens turn. Nashy turn. Madden has been having a hard time learning to share these days so it made me so happy! Maybe I am getting through to him!

Bathing Beauties

Have I mentioned that these two love to bathe. I think they could play in the tub all day long if I let them. When the water gets cold Madden will tell me to put more hot water in. Love it! Don't mind our bathroom, its the last thing we need to remodel in our house and it needs it bad!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Edwards came to visit!

Kylee and Conner have been here from Texas for a little over a week now and we have tried to squeeze in every last minute of play time with them! From swimming, to hiking, and late night game playing! Connie even had all the cousins sleep over in the back yard! Lets just say Madden wasn't having any of it and we had to go pick him up at 10. We love the Edwards and have had a blast trying to fit in everything possible to spend time with the new Texans. These photos are stolen from  Kylee and her I phone! I have yet to make the leap into the smart phone world so I have to steal every ones pictures!

Playing games!
Addie with Uncle Karson
The rare occasion that my husband changes a poopy diaper had to be caught of camera!
Cousin sleepover
PJ parade
Nash at Mona days
Entertaining ourselves at Mona days because the entertainment there was not so entertaining.
My crazy on our walk!

Cousin Camp

Last week my sister in law Wendy and her kids came to stay at my moms! My cousin Kortni was also here with her kids so we decided we needed to get out and do some things! We swam a few days, ate a few snow cones, and rode tracks up to City Creek. It was quite an adventure but was so much fun. We somehow started calling it cousin camp and even had a little cheer! I love that my kids have so many cousins to grow up with!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Big Tractor

Our good friend Devin came over to help us with our front porch and brought his tractor to dig out cement. Madden thought it was the coolest thing having a big tractor outside his window! He sat and just watched for a long time! He loves tractors!

Payson Grotto

We went and hiked the Payson Grotto yesterday. It was so much fun and I wish and need to do stuff like this with my boys more often. It is the perfect hike for little ones. We will be doing this hike again for sure!
Aunt Nae and Madden all ready to go!
All the baby carriers!

Madden walking the Pirate bridge with Gaga.

Madden wanted to climb in from the moment he saw Nash inside. I thought he would want to get back out and walk but he had other plans. I had to carry him down and poor Connie had to hold Nash! Luckily it was a short hike!

Peek-a-boo Nash

These two played peek-a-boo with each other in this bag for a good half hour. They laughed and thought it was so funny. Than Madden tried to drag Nash around for another half hour. Love these two!

Maddens Pirate Party

Madden had a pirate party with family for his birthday. He has been obsessed with "pirates on a boat" since we went to Disneyland in May so we thought it seemed like a good fit. We ate cake(which Karson made), opened presents, and swam in my parents pool. It was a fun day and a great way to celebrate our little guy! Madden is one loved boy that is for sure!

Mammoth parade

Some Ute Stampede activities!

Monday, July 23, 2012

He is 2!

This little mister turned two last Friday! He seriously has the funniest personality. He keeps me on my toes constantly. He is always on the move. He is talking more and more each day and I love it. We have some of the best conversations these days! Saying he loves his brother Nash is an understatement. He still loves to watch TV but he has added a few shows to his list thanks goodness. His favorites are still Mickey Mouse, Dinosaur Train, Dora, Team Umizoomi, Super Why, Curious George, and Phineas and Ferb. He still has his "equipment" and loves is blanket, monkey, and sippy cup. I am pretty sure this little guy goes through a gallon of milk a day. He opens the fridge and brings me the milk with the red lid a million times a day. He is a picky picky eater. He has recently just learned that swimming is fun. His new obsession these days is dinosaurs and trains. His favorite food is chicken nuggets and hot dogs. His favorite snack is crackers. He is turning into a little boy more and more and it is a little bitter sweet. I hate that he is growing up so fast but I love to watch him grow into a little boy. I don't know what we would ever ever do with out this little guy in our lives. We love you Madd dawg and are so happy you are our little buddy!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Pants hat

 We put Nash's pants on his head and he thought it was pretty funny!