Friday, July 27, 2012

Edwards came to visit!

Kylee and Conner have been here from Texas for a little over a week now and we have tried to squeeze in every last minute of play time with them! From swimming, to hiking, and late night game playing! Connie even had all the cousins sleep over in the back yard! Lets just say Madden wasn't having any of it and we had to go pick him up at 10. We love the Edwards and have had a blast trying to fit in everything possible to spend time with the new Texans. These photos are stolen from  Kylee and her I phone! I have yet to make the leap into the smart phone world so I have to steal every ones pictures!

Playing games!
Addie with Uncle Karson
The rare occasion that my husband changes a poopy diaper had to be caught of camera!
Cousin sleepover
PJ parade
Nash at Mona days
Entertaining ourselves at Mona days because the entertainment there was not so entertaining.
My crazy on our walk!


A bit about our little family... said...

Awe, a special post for us! Too sweet! :D we had a great time with you guys and nash and madden! We will sure miss everyone! Love ya lots

A bit about our little family... said...

Awe, a post just for us! We had so much fun and will miss everyone so so much! Love you lots

A bit about our little family... said...

This thing is giving me a head ache. Pretty sure I just sent two comments. Now three. Ugh