Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's a BOY!

8 lbs. 5 oz.
20 3/4"

We welcomed our sweet little BOY on July 23. He is the sweetest little thing and from the moment I laid eyes on him I was instantly in love. Here is his birth story:

I had a normal Doctors appointment on Monday. My doctor checked me and said I was almost dilated to a 4 and so he was going to go ahead and schedule me to come in the next morning to get induced. I was thrilled to have the end finally be near. I went home and got everything ready and cleaned up and relaxed the rest of the day with my boys. We were just about ready to head out the door to go get dinner and do something fun with the boys  when unfortunately Karson got called in to do a surgery. We had just enough time before Karson had to go in to grab Arbys. While we were there I started having lovely contractions. I headed home to put the boys to bed and got in the bath hoping for a little relief. Karson got home and we decided we better get to bed early since tomorrow was going to be a crazy day. I could not sleep. My contractions were coming about every 5-7 minutes and I couldn't get comfortable. I must of finally fallen asleep because about 12:30 I woke up in pain. I got my phone out to start timing them and my water broke. I woke up Karson and we called Grandma Red to come stay with the boys. I got to the hospital and was still just dilated to a 4 but decided to go ahead and get the epidural because at that point I was having contractions every minute. It was painful and I was so grateful for some relief. My mom and my sister Jami had come to the hospital and we all decided we should try to get some sleep. Sadly I think I was the only one who didn't sleep at all. I was too excited and anxious to meet our little baby. My contractions slowed down so at 7 in the morning they started me on pit. At 8:58 with just a few pushes we had our baby BOY! He came out screaming and it was so nice to hear his little cry. I could not of asked for a more perfect delivery or a more perfect baby. I am so happy he is here and healthy. Sadly we can not agree on a name so he came home from the hospital nameless. Hopefully we can settle on something so the poor boy doesn't have to be known as male Morgan much longer.

I have been trying to decide if I should share the rest of my story or not. I decided that it is my blog and I want to be able to remember every thing as it happened so I apologize if the details are too much.  I was released from the hospital the next day. I was so excited to get home and get some rest finally. When we got home I kept having the urge to use the bathroom but felt that I couldn't empty my bladder. It was painful and very uncomfortable. Every time I would start nursing the pain would be unbearable. I was cramping and contracting more than what I was before I had the epidural. I went into the bathroom and noticed something was not right. We hurried down to the ER and I was diagnosed with a prolapsed uterus as well as having a UTI. I can honestly say it was the most painful and uncomfortable experience I have ever been through. I have been put on bed rest and have not done a whole lot but slept and snuggled with my new baby. I feel completely blessed to have the friends and family we do have. I am not sure how we could of made it through this week without the support we have had. My mom has had my older boys all week since I can't do much of anything. I have missed them like crazy but am thankful to have this time to rest and take care of myself. Hopefully everything will just heal on its own. I hope it heals a little bit faster. 

I am so thankful for the blessing a new baby brings into a home. His little spirit is amazing. I love my little family of five.