Thursday, February 26, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things!

my sister in law wendy tagged me to do a list of my favorite things! it was pretty hard considering i love to many things! here are just a few!

i love my cricut! i could spend many hours scrapbooking away! this truly was the best christmas present!
i love love love sushi! i truly could have it for every meal! i crave it all the time! im so glad my hubbie loves it too. we both love the vegas roll but last time we got a rock and roll and it was dilicious!
my mom has always put mentholatum on her lips as chapstick and has got me addicted to it! it truly is the best stuff there is. it will even open up your sinus's! love the stuff!
the morgan family has made me truly love disneyland! it really is the greatest place on earth!
my family loves to go riding. it truly is one of my favorite things to do with the family. there is nothing better than getting a little muddy. i love being on a four wheeler.
kars got a Wii for his birthday and surprised me with a Wii fit! i love it! he loves it. it really is a workout. the yoga on it is amazing! we both sit and laugh at each other most the time!
i love to take bubble baths! i can truly sit in the tub for hours at a time and read books! i loose track of time! they are so relaxing.
last but not least... a corn dog. oh they are amazing. i realize that it may be a heart attack on a stick but truly worth every bite! you have to have them with mustard but they are fantastic!

i could probably name a few more but i wont bore you! i tag anyone who wants to do this! it is pretty fun!

Monday, February 23, 2009

a girl getaway and a celine dion concert!

Girls Getaway
this weekend all the girls in kars family packed up our bags and headed down to st. george for a girls weekend! we went down for the parade of homes. it was seriously a blast. i don't think i have laughed that hard and ate that much in a long long time! i even won a free meal at the outback for being the parade of homes bingo winner! it was a much needed trip!

the crew out to eat at olive garden

one night we did skits! i don't know if ill ever be able to sing mama mia the same again!
getting ready to do our skit
my sister nikki lives down in so she came out to eat with us! thanks nik for coming to visit!

Celine Dion Concert

george and connie bought the whole fam tickets to this concert almost two years ago! she was regularly scheduled to come in november but was sick and rescheduled. it was worth the wait! she was amazing! she is a pretty spunky lady. thanks connie and george!

our seats were up pretty high but it didnt matter!
i love this guy

Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentines day!

hope you all have a good one!

Monday, February 9, 2009

a birthday celebration and disneyland!!!

karson had a birthday!!! he is now the big 24!
i surprised him with a wii! we both have loved it so far! his birthday was the day of the super bowl so he got to do his favorite thing on his birthday.... watch football! we went out to dinner with a bunch of our friends the night before. it was a lot of fun. i love kar's so much. he is truly amazing! he goes to school, works three jobs, and has to put up with me!
happy birthday kars!!!

all of our friends at good wood!

we got to spend the last 3 days in the happiest place on earth! we love disneyland! karsons family absolutley loves it and goes at least two or three times a year! it truly is a magical place! even though it did rain all three days... we still had so much fun! i miss it and am already looking forward to when we go back!

kars and i with mickey mouse!

we love the buzz lightyear ride!

standing in front of the ever so famous walt and mickey statue and castle!

in the animation station, we got to draw winnie the pooh!

half the crew before going into the animation station! (sorry its so blurry!)

connie got us these cute shirts!
kaydee, me, kylee, connie

me and woody!

karson loves the princess's
us sportin our poncho's. we wore these sexy things most the time!

in the toon town jail. i look like a drowned rat!

kars is so strong!

the corn dogs there are amazing. they may be a gazillion calories but they are truly amazing. those and the apple pie carmel apples! yummy! uncle mike so kindly bought me one! thanks mike!

little ellie! i love this picture of her! her poncho was much cuter than everyone elses!

we had an amazing week!