Tuesday, May 26, 2009

lake powell

for memorial day weekend we packed up and headed down to lake powell with a bunch of friends! the weather was pretty good given that it was raining every where else. it rained on us a few nights but other than that we were able to catch some rays and have a good time. we spent some good time wakeboarding, eating, laying out, and laughing. memorial day was my birthday so i dubbed the whole weekend my birthday weekend! it was a pretty good weekend. i have to say that my 21st birthday was a pretty good one. thanks jj and susan for inviting us along!

look at these good lookin fellas!

me nat susan and darby catching some rays!

kars and i on our trip out to the hole in the rock

kars catching big air!

dev showing off his skills!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gone Fish'n

Saturday morning I was just getting out of the shower when Kars told me I had 5 mins to get ready... we were going fishin! I hurried and got dressed, slammed down the bananna waffles Kar's made me, and we headed to Burstons Pond with Nat and Dev! We had alot of fun but not much luck. I heard once that fishing is drowning a bunch of worms and thats just what we did. Nat and I had the big catch of the day but i don't think tree branches count! Kars caught a tree as well, but didn't come back with half the tree like we did! It was fun and hopefully next time we might get lucky with a bite!

Nat and Dev
you can't go fishing without some snacks!
Karson catching the tree
holding up my prize
nat holding up her prize
what a hott fisherman eh!
We will soon be tackling the outside of our house and putting in a lawn. I am so excited. I think we are those neighbors everyone hates because the weeds are taking over everything! Some how the dandelions are multipling like crazy! The other day i was looking out into our back yard and amongst the weeds we have some pretty flowers blooming. I just had to take some pictures and post cause they are so pretty!
here is the ugly....
and here is the pretty....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

a year ago he proposed... i said yes!

A year ago Kar's asked me to be his wifey. I knew it was coming but i surely wasn't expecting it that day. I thought he would save it for my birthday, that way he didn't have to buy me a present! We were up in Salt Lake looking for a bedroom set. That night we were going to the Blaze game so we thought we would make a day of it and get some things done. It was a long hot day and i think we were both tired from going from one furniture store to the next. We decided to stop at Costco to get a hot dog for lunch and as we were leaving the parking lot we got into a little car accident. After that i knew for sure today wasn't the day. We had a few hours to kill so we were just driving around looking at houses when kars pulled over and said lets go for a hike. I immediatly started to complain. I was wearing flipflops and it was extremely hot outside. Kar's convinced me but i complained the whole way up! As soon as we got on top of Ensign Peak, Kar's got down on one knee. Well he kinda got down on one knee. I sorta tackled him before he could! That night Karson got kicked out of the Blaze game for knocking the ball out of a players hand. It was hilarious but it made for a memoriable night!