Thursday, March 18, 2010

A San Francisco Treat!

A few weeks ago, we flew out to San Francisco for a girls trip! It was seriously a blast! We spent much of our time shopping and eating and shopping some more. My mother in law Connie has been wanting to take us there since she went with her sisters last year and we are so happy she did! We went and saw the musical Wicked which was AMAZING! We also saw many of the famous landmarks that San Fran has to offer! I am so thankful for an amazing mother in law and sisters in law. I love spending time with them and we always have a blast every time we do! I am hoping that we make this a family tradition!

Entertaining ourselves at the airport before we took flight.
My two beautiful sisters in law and myself on the plane.

The Grandmas and Connie

Riding on the Subway.

Walking around in China Town
Riding the trolley on a rainy day.
The Golden Gate Bridge
The best crepes a mall eatery has to offer
Riding the trolley like a true San Franian

Eating yummy sour dough bread
Walking on the Wharf
Looking at the Seals down by the Wharf

While we were there, they had a huge parade for the Chinese New Years.

This is my 20 week baby bump!

Connie watching the Parade

A midnight snack! These two loved theirs!

We tried out our modeling career... San Fran style!