Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nash's first rice cereal experience

I was trying to hold off on the rice cereal as long as I could because its just another thing to add to my ever crazy life. Nash has been spitting up like crazy all of a sudden and I have read that rice cereal helps. I decided to give it a try and see if it would help. Well Nash was not a fan. He keep making gagging sounds. Madden on the other hand loved it and finished the bowl. Ha ha I am pretty sure he was just jealous! Looks like I will be waiting after all! Love my little man!

I can't wait till daddy comes home!

Madden loves to watch for Karson out our big window. Last night he had me pull up a chair and sat and played with his little toy for about 15 minutes. He keep saying da da go? He would put his hands up like he was asking a question. It was super cute. He gets so excited when he hears Karson pull up. I love how much he loves his daddy and how much Karson loves him!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day!

This year we slept over at my mom's house with my sister Nikki and her family! It was so much fun! These babies were seriously spoiled! We woke up at 7 and headed down to open presents. Santa sure spoiled us this year!

After my moms house we came back down to Nephi and went over to Pooper and Papa's house and got spoiled some more. Than headed to Connie and Georges. I have no clue why I have no pictures of the rest of the night. For some reason we filmed and took no pictures.
It was such a good Christmas. Madden finally got the idea that if he opened up a present he would be getting a new toy! He would yell WOW! It was so much fun. I love having kids. Nash was just his cute little happy self! We for sure had a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve

We woke up on Christmas Eve and let Madden have a cupcake for breakfast. He loved it! After breakfast we went over to Karson's Aunts house and had a little lunch with Grandpa Kay. After lunch we went home and let the boys nap and set up one of Maddens Christmas presents that Santa dropped off early. Wow we wish Santa had left a few elves to help with the set up but it was so worth it because Madden LOVED it! After the boys woke up we were off to Grandma Reds to party. It was so much fun and we had a good time as always. We left there and headed up to my parents to spend the night! Madden didn't get to bed til 11! We had an awesome Christmas Eve!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nash and Santa

Nash got to experience his first time sitting on Santa's lap. Might I add the best Santa around. We are pretty lucky to be related to one of Santa's best helper.

For some reason I can't find the picture of Madden with Santa. I was probably more focused on him screaming his guts out than taking a picture. Opps!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Disneyland Surprise!

We just got back from the most magical place on earth! It was even more magical not knowing we were going. We had a small trip planned to St. George for the weekend. The morning we were leaving Karson had me open up a present. It was a flip camera and he said your going to need it because we are going to Disneyland! I started crying I was so excited. I hurried and repacked a few things and we were off! The best part is we gave Grandma Red a call a half hour before we left and she decided to come along on our adventure! We made the long trip down and went to Disneyland for three days and than made the long trip back! The boys did so good in the car. We had a blast. It is seriously more magical when you have kids. Madden loved every single part of Disneyland except waiting in lines. He would light up and get so excited over every little thing. His favorite ride was The Little Mermaid. He loved the pictures on the construction walls in California Adventure. He was obsessed with the Carrousel. Nash was amazing and loved looking at all the lights. His favorite ride was its a small world. I will never ever forget our little family trip. It was amazing and so magical. Thank you  thank you Karson for taking us!

Getting ready to walk down Main Street U.S.A.
My little men in their Disney get-up!
Madden so excited he was waving at everyone.

This picture makes me smile. Madden was so tired but didn't want to miss out so every now and than we would see his little head pop through until he feel asleep!
Madden with his moms favorite Disneyland tradition. Best corn dogs EVER!
Loving on his brother
Oh so magical... haha!
These two love each other. Madden was always checking on him making "tash" laugh!

I will never forget this trip. By far the best one yet!