Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines Day

We spent Valentines day up at my parents house. The boys woke up to their new movie Peter Pan and some yummy treats! We didn't do anything really special but its just nice always being together. I love all three of my Valentines! I must say I'm a very lucky lady!

Karson put Nash's shoes on the wrong feet and we didn't notice for like 15 minutes! Poor boy!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We Moved!!!

We sold our house in January and thought that we had a few weeks to pack and get out! The original date was February 15th so I was taking my sweet sweet time packing. That was until Karson got a call Thursday afternoon asking if we could be out that next Wednesday. Since we had just gotten home from a week long vacation Karson couldn't take any days off so that meant we had to be out basically by the weekend. I spent all Friday packing with a one year old and a two year old. It was quite the feat but I am quite proud that I did pack as much as I did with the two hooligans "helping" out! We had so many family members and a few friends show up Saturday and helped us out. Connie and Kylee also took my boys which helped out immensely. We surprisingly got everything out that Saturday. We are currently living in Mona with Karsons grandma while we build our new house.
I have such mixed emotions about moving. I loved our little old house. It was over a hundred years old and had so much charm. I loved that we made it our own and spent many many hours fixing it up. I love that we brought our two little guys home there. I love that they learned to crawl, walk, and talk there. I think the hardest part has been watching Madden try to adjust. He just wants to go back to Maddens house. He doesn't really understand poor guy. I am excited for the next adventure that lies ahead of us. Now if only we can get our house built before this next little Morgan shows up that would be great! (A girl can dream right!)

This was the last picture I took of our house. It looks so empty and sad!


The Wonderful World of Disney

If you have not already guessed it, we Morgan's are Disneyland fanatics. We made a last minute decision to head to the happiest place on earth with the whole crew. Madden was beyond excited. He talks about Disneyland non stop. He watches videos on YouTube continually. Needless to say he was so excited. Nash just couldn't wait to see his beloved Mickey Mouse. 

The boys did so good on the drive.

Driving with little boys and a pregnant momma makes the drive a little bit longer! We made a few pit stops along the way. Seems like we were always trying to entertain the little men some way or another. 

We pulled up to our hotel and check out this weather! Oh it felt so good to feel the sun again. Back home it was in the negatives. The weather was lovely! 

Headed to the happiest place on earth. You cant tell that Madden was excited can ya?!

The boys played hard which meant they took awesome naps while we were there. Everyone would ask if they were twins. 

We decided to try the boys sleeping together and they did fantastic! Madden only fell off the bed once!

We rode the canoes, something we have never done before. The kids loved it. Madden paddled the whole time backwards. This might be one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip. Nash never moved the whole time we were on it. He sat just  holding tight to his paddle. So stinking cute. 

Madden and Nash both drove on the Autopia ride. Lets just say we hope they improve in the next 14/15 years! 

Love these two.

Madden loved meeting all the characters. Nash hated them. That is why you never see Nash pictured. He would start to shake he hated them so much!

We go all the way to Disneyland for their favorite ride to be the merry-go-round. Go figure!


This picture makes me laugh. Madden loves the big Mickey Ferris wheel. He loves to be in the ones that swing. He seriously just laughs the whole time we are swinging yelling wee!!

Madden got a little up close and too personal with the Princess's. Snow White even moved his hand. 

This just might be my favorite part of Disneyland. These are a little piece of heaven on a stick! 

The little kids started dancing to the street performers and gathered quite the crowd. I think more people stopped to watch them dance than the performers themselves. It was hilarious because after each song Madden would take a bow!

Our car started having troubles on our way home. While we were in Cedar City the transmission went out. We were stuck at a gas station for six hours trying to get a tow and figure out what we were going to do. It was horrible and sad not to mention the power was out at the gas station so we couldn't even use the bathroom. I thought that this would be the last time I saw the old lady but luckily we found a place in Orem that would fix her for cheap. I seriously cried as I pulled away from my van. I know everyone mocks a mini but I am in love with mine. It makes life 1,000 time easier. I am going to be reunited with her tomorrow and I cant wait! So it was not the best way to end a fantastic vacation but we made the best of it!
I am already looking forward to our next Disney adventure. Madden asks us everyday if we are going to Disneyland. Every time I put his shoes on he thinks we are going. His prayers consist of being thankful for the Dumbo ride, the Pirates ride, the Jungle cruise, and so on. I loved that he absolutely loved it. I am excited to go next time because I think Nash will appreciate it just like Madden did!