Monday, December 9, 2013

Game Night

These guys are moving back to Logan so we decided to have one last game night. I am so sad they are leaving Nephi but so excited for them to start a new adventure. I don't know what I would of done without Kylee right after I had Owen. She was a huge help with the older boys! She loves my kids so dang much! I think we are all going to miss having Nixon and Addie so close. It has been so fun for ALL of us! We love you Edwards and are so excited for you guys but a little heartbroken for us!

Poor Owen

Owen got his first ear ache last week. He actually had two and one ruptured. Poor baby was not a happy boy. He was so snugly though! He just wanted his momma! We had a few sleepless nights but I am pleased to say he is on the mend! Isnt he so sweet!

Owens First Haircut

Owens hair was starting to look a little unruly so I had the bright idea to cut his hair myself. HUGE mistake! I ended up having to shave every little hair off his head to make it look good! Poor kid kinda resembles Uncle Fester now. He is so cute and I am pleased to say it is growing back in! Thank goodness.

Buddy the Elf

Our elf Buddy brought the boys Christmas pjs on the night of his return. The boys have loved having buddy around and are excited to find him in a new place each morning. I love having Buddy around. The boys have been extra good these days!

Happy Turkey Day

We hosted Thanksgiving this year at our house! We were missing quite a few people but it turned out to be and awesome day. It was very stressful cooking the turkey. Karson was on call and never got called in until that night! We enjoyed being together as a family! It was a very relaxing fun day! I am so thankful for my little family! I love them beyond measure!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Lately Owen has become quite the little snuggler. I LOVE it! He will rest his head on my shoulder and wrap his little arm tightly around my back! He has never been on to fall asleep in my arms so I enjoy the cuddles! He is growing up so fast! 

Two Eggs Actually

We needed to borrow a few eggs from our neighbors Sunday morning. Karson was ready to head out when Madden said he would do it, by himself! It was so funny to watch him run over he was so excited. He rang the door bell, got the eggs, and ran back. Our neighbor text us and said when he opened the door, Madden said, "I need eggs. Two actually!" We died laughing! Love this little Mr. Independent guy! 

Sleepover with Dad

Karson is such a fun dad. Last weekend he and the boys camped out on the couch and watched movies. The little boys loved it and won't stop talking about it. They keep telling me no girls are allowed when they sleep on the couch! Darn! 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Silly Boys

I love being a mom to all boys! They seriously have me laughing all day long.

Nash always steals Owens binki.

Nice Band-aides

Madden got a little scratch on his leg and came running in telling me he found the band-aides. I DIED laughing! He was so dang proud of himself. I love this kid!

What about the jello???

For about a month now Madden has asked to make jello. He always asks at the most horrible times so it never happened. He would always say, "mom we forgot about the jello"! Karson finally whipped some up and the boys were so excited to eat the jello for breakfast! Madden can now check that off his bucket list!

Time Out for Women

All the ladies  headed down to St. George to attend Time Out for Women. It was a very much needed and uplifting weekend. It is always nice to get away and be reminded of the important things in life such as family, the church, and yourself! I am beyond lucky to have married into such an awesome and wonderful family! I love love love every single one of these ladies!

Disney on Ice

Kylee, Kiesha, and I decided we needed a much needed date night with our big boys! We surprised them with Disney on Ice tickets. My boys were so excited. We ate at Cafe Rio and than headed up to Salt Lake. Madden loved it! He sat in his seat the whole time! I think it was a little late for Nash because he kept telling me he wanted to go home and go to bed! I love that they are getting older where we can go and do fun things like this. They are such good little boys.

Spooky Business

Halloween was so much fun this year. I love that the boys are getting into it and are understanding the holidays more! The boys wanted to be pirates which was simple and easy! From the annual Morgan Halloween party, Halloween town, and actually Halloween we were super busy! As Madden says we had lots of spooky business going on!!!