Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Greatest Friends

When I first moved to Nephi I didn't love it and now you can't get me out! I have fallen in love with this charming little place. A lot of it has to do with the amazing friends that I have made. I really have such an amazing group of friends. They are the sweetest, nicest, craftiest, spiritual bunch of gals I know. We have started a babysitting thing that allows us to go out once a week and it has been awesome! It's nice to have some time with the hubs and know the boys are in excellent hands! Karson and I joked that we haven't for out this much since we were dating! I feel so lucky to have such awesome friends!

(I sadly don't have a picture of everyone but this is the picture from our date last weekend!)

Love Them

Everyday I feel so blessed to be these little guys mom. They are seriously amazing. I thank Heavenly Father daily that they are mine. Sometimes I have to remind myself how blessed I am when times get tough ;) They sure keep me on my toes but I wouldn't have it any other way!

House Progress

It's fun to actually see something happening on the house! They started digging the hole last week!! It makes me excited and stressed all at the same time! These are not the greatest pictures ever but I had to document our progress! They actually have the footings poured and hope to pour the foundation this week! I am so optimistic that we will be in before this little babe comes! The projected finish date is July 20 (Maddens Birthday!) and my due date is July 22. Can't you see why I'm so optimistic haha! It's been a long crazy process!

Go Cougars!!!

We took the boys to their first BYU basketball game and they loved it! We went with our friends the Parks and had a really fun time! It was fun and wasn't exhausting as I had anticipated. They loved it and still talk about it! We have future BYU fans!!! Thanks Parks for the invite!

Soldier Hollow

Connie and George gave us tickets to go sledding and we finally got to use them last week! I think we went at the perfect time because it wasn't super cold! Madden loved it and wanted to go again and again. Nash went twice and was done. His poor little face every time we went down the hill was hilarious. He doesn't quite have the need for speed that Madden does! Thanks Connie and George for a really fun night!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Fever

This warm weather has been amazing. I feel like we have been cooped up far to long this winter. My boys could spend all day outside, especially Nash. We spent all day outside yesterday and Madden got quite the little sunburn! We are not complaining one bit!