Thursday, February 24, 2011

Madden Overload!!

Madden has been sick the past few weeks so we have spent some quality time indoors. Its been very tricky finding ways to entertain both of us and one thing he loves is when I whip out the camera! I am very behind in my blogging so I decided to do one big overload. This blog has turned into all about Madden. He is our whole life... and it is all about him!
This boy loves his jumper. He spins, swings, jumps, and goes crazy! One day Karson lifted it up so his feet wouldn't touch and started swinging him. Madden loved it and didn't want him to stop. I think this activity went on for about an hour! He has now learned that he can swing himself if he lifts his feet up and crosses them! He is turning into such a smart little guy!

It was raining cats and dogs outside and we were trying to make lunch and Madden wouldn't cooperate! So I whipped out the beloved bumbo (ha!) and sat him in front of the window. He sat there for a good twenty minutes watching it rain.

This boy is crazy. He thinks he has to have his hands in his mouth when he is eating. I let him go at it with a gramcracker. Not only did it end up in his mouth but his face and hair. He was rubbing it all over his cheeks. He thought he was pretty funny!

Grandma came over one night to watch the Amazing Race. Madden must of known we were out having a party without him cause he was crying and Grandma couldn't take it anymore and went and saved him. What a stinker!

Since Madden has been sick we have been giving him breathing treatments. This is the first time we did it and were excited cause he did good the first few minutes.....
but than broke down!

I just love these next two pictures! Every time I take the camera out he gets a big cheesy grin on his face!

Last but not least.... we went to St. George a few weeks ago with my mom and dad and got to see cousin Lexi!
and the best part of the trip... we finally got a bed!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Picky Picky Eater

Madden loves stage 1 baby food... and that's it. I have tried to feed him some food that doesn't look like it was previously chewed but its a no go. I decided to buy some step 2 and step 3 baby food thinking that he would be in little boy heaven but instead I think I might have been feeding a demon. He threw his head back, waved his arms, hit the spoon, and I'm  pretty sure threw a tantrum. If this is happening at 7 months boy were in for it. Karson calls him a Diva. 

Here is our first attempt with spaghetti...

This one is particularly my favorite, in mid gag.

Than I showed him his beloved pears and life was good again.
What a stinker right! 
Picky eater aside I love this little boy more and more each day, which I didn't think was possible. He is seriously so funny and I am loving watching his little personality grow. We seriously just laugh at him all day! I can't believe he is going to be 7 months in two days. Its crazy to think that this little chub is going to be a big brother soon! He honestly cruises around the house rolling and scooting on his back. I think he has more red marks on his head from running into the walls and furniture than I can count. He is a busy body and is always going going going. This boy loves his bed time. He goes down at 6:30 and if its a minute late he will let you us know! He is sleeping through the night and I am so grateful. He still is obsessed with his monkey. He is the happiest guy around and laughs at just about anything. He has learned how to wave and says hey. He waves at everyone, including people on TV. Love this little chunk. Happy 7 months Madden.

Monday, February 14, 2011

This little "sucker"

Has stolen every inch of my heart!

Happy Valentines Day. Sorry ladies he is all mine!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Karson!

Its the good looking guy on the lefts birthday today! (Isn't the guy on the right so good looking too!) He turned the big 26 today. One year older and wiser too! I hate to sound like such a sappy 16 year old but I married the most amazing, sexy, kind hearted man around! Karson we love you more than words could say! We hope you had a very good birthday!
Love- Linz Madden and Baby