Sunday, October 24, 2010

What A Week!!!

This week has sure been a crazy one at our house. Madden is now three months old! Holy moly how time flies! He spent his 3 month birthday sick as can be. He has had bronchiolitis for about a week now. It breaks my heart having a sick baby. I feel so helpless. Despite being sick he has been a pretty good little guy. We have to give him pink amoxicillin and its a battle! As you can tell I think we get more on his face than in his mouth. Here is just a few things about Madden at 3 months. He still loves to watch TV. He laughs out loud while watching Mickey Mouse Club House. He is turning into such a mommas boy. He sucks his fingers and his binky at the same time. He still loves his car seat. His best friend is a monkey. He still screams when I have to take him off the boob to burp or switch sides. He lets you know when he needs a nap. He had decided the only position he likes to be in is standing up on his feet. It has been so much fun watching him change from week to week. Happy 3 months Madden!

Its that time of year again where the warlocks stay home and the witches go out! I left my little warlock for the first time for longer than an hour and it was super hard but it was nice to get out! I am so glad I swallowed the buck and went. This was the first time going with my inlaws and even though I'm sad I didnt get to be with my family when they were supposed to go it was just as fun as always! We had a crazy fun night with lots of laughing, eating, and dancing!

Connie, Me, Kaydee, and Kylee
Kristy, Me, and Jam

My crazy sister in law Kylee! She was a freakin hoot!
Melinda and I
Me, Kylee, and Shayda Lou

This is Maddens best friend Monkey. We don't leave the house without him! It is funny how attached he to it. This is how he sleeps! He either has him attached to his arm, in his mouth, or over his face. I think its pretty cute!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

First trip to the ER

We took Madden into the ER this morning because the poor guy has been sick. He has a stuffy nose, a nasty cough, and wont really eat. He has not been getting better so we decided to take him in. Karson was on call so he got to take his x-rays and I got to help which was nice because Madden didn't even cry. Luckily its just a cold and nothing worse. We gave him some Pedialyte and he loved it! Hopefully he will be on the mend.... but for now we will be staying in, drinking some Pedialyte, and lounging by the humidifier.

Despite being at the hospital he was still a happy little guy!
and I had to post this picture cause its so stinking cute!!!!

Maddens Blessing Day!

Madden was blessed last Sunday. It was such an amazing day! Karson did such a good job blessing the little guy. We had so many family and friends there supporting us. I am so grateful he is ours forever! He brings seriously so much love and joy into our house.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Catching Up!

We don't have the internet and so by the time I get around to blogging its weeks old and by than all the pictures on my camera get backed up so I decided I am just going to do one big post and hopefully I can get all caught up and stay caught up. Wishful thinking probably but hey its a start!

All the men in the family are hunting so we decided to head up to Gardner Village to see the witches. Its a great way to start October!

This shirt used to be Karsons when he was a baby. I love the little v-neck!
Madden has the prettiest eyelashes. They are so long, I love them.
Ashlyn was pushing Madden in the Swing at FHE. She loves Madden. She is the happiest sweetest little girl.
We babysat these little cuties this last week. It was hard having four kids but so much fun! I have a lot of respect for mothers of big families!!!

He loves tummy time!

We went up the canyone and cooked some famous turkey with Kaylee and Justin. It was delicious! We had to get pretty creative because we forgot all cooking utensils. It was a good way to end summer!