Tuesday, April 28, 2009

our cruise to mexico!

a bunch of this....
a few hours of this....
and way too much of this....
and we finally made it to San Diego!

we jumped into a van wednesday night after work and made the llloooonnnggg trip down to San Diego and got on a cruise ship. it was a blast! it was a three night cruise to Ensenada, Mexico on the Elation fun ship! we went down with a bunch of friends and had so much fun. the weather was amazing. the food was great. the company was good. im sad to be back but glad we could go!

this is kars right when we got on the ship. he was excited to be on the fun ship can you tell!
just relaxing before the ship set sail!
and relaxin some more!
the famous carnival towel animal.
getting off the ship to enjoy a day in Ensenada
as soon as we got off the ship we were attacked by vendors! everyone kept asking us if we wanted a braclet with our name on it or a piece of rice with our name on it. karson is a sucker and bought sexy rexy a grain of rice and me a braclet. he claims it was the best $5 he spent but i think it was just so everyone would stop asking us to buy one! this is rex and i with our prize!
dollar tacos!
nat, gracie, and i at the taco stand. i think this is the closest we ever got to the ocean sadly
i think this is the main attraction is Ensenada (lets be honest there isn't much there to do!) its called the blow hole. we were waiting for it to blow.
and than it did!
all dressed up for formal night
kars. jj. susan. nat. and dev busting a move on the dance floor
our last night at dinner with our servers Iketut and Ronald. they were awesome! Iketut reminded us of King Julian off of madagasgar. he sounded just like him. he was hilarious!
watching the shows the last night
and finally the long ride home. i think this was how everyone was about 80% of the drive home! we had so much fun!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

happy birthday nik and ella!

happy birthday you too!!! i love you both

and tipper welcome to the family!

Monday, April 13, 2009

easter festivities

(warning: long post)

Woodruff Easter Egg Hunt

my grandma and grandpa woodruff always have an annual easter egg hunt in there backyard! it was always so much fun growing up cause they were always tricky to find in there large back yard! now that we are all grown they do it for the great grand kids! if fun to watch them all!

jadi and mccords findings!
the woodruff great grand kids crew

White Wash

every easter my family goes camping and fourwheeling out by green river. it was really fun this year because my intire family was able to come, including my brother jake who came all the way from boise. kars and i were only able to go for two days because karson was on call but we are so happy we could go! we played, and rode, and ate, and played, and ate, and played some more. thanks mom and dad for letting us bunk in your trailor and for the whole weekend!
this picture explains there personalities! matt and jaders
me and my dad getting ready to go for a ride in the sand rail
kars and i going for a ride
i think this is a cool picture of kars trying to light the fire
the best s'more making!
all the girls minus jami
who texts while there camping huh!
the walking helmets! ella and mac getting ready to go for a ride
they all loved to go ridin!
takin a break!
kars and my brother zach messing around.
the whole crew minus me. i was taking the picture!

Coloring Egg's with the Morgan's

we ate a really yummy dinner thanks to connie on saturday night and got to color easter eggs! it was so much fun! i don't think i have colored eggs for a couple of years! kars was on call and didnt get to participate but it was still fun. i think tanner and luke had the most fun. lukes were very artistic and tanners, his were just blue! we had to hunt for our baskets after that which was fun. thanks connie and george!
me and my little boyfriend tanner getting ready to dye the eggs!
luke, connie, tanner, and kaydee color eggs!
haha i love this picture. there hands are hilarious!
the finished product. take note of the blue ones. there tanners.

Morgan Easter Egg Hunt

kars grandma and grandpa (pooper and papa) morgan always have the best easter egg hunt. the eggs are filled with money! its always fun to see who gets the most! they always have little tricks and treasures hidden in some certain eggs. we also ate a very yummy dinner! thanks pooper and papa!

kar's finding some eggs!
us crackin open our eggs!

and..... i had to post this picture of karson and conner feeding the horses. conner went to the store to buy carrots just to feed the horses accoss the street! haha i love it!

it was a really fun easter! we are so lucky to have such great families. thanks everyone for such a fun holiday!