Tuesday, June 30, 2009

lehi round-up!

This last friday my Grandpa Parduhn got us all tickets for the Lehi Rodeo. If any of you know Kar's and I, you know we love the rodeo. Our first date was a rodeo and we try to hit as many as we can in the summer! It was fun being with the whole family and i'm glad kylee and conner (who is not pictured) were able to come along with my family as well! It rained and was crazy windy for the first half but it still ended up being a ton of fun. I think Karson jinked us this year because he told me that he wanted to go to a rodeo where it just poured and poured. Well he has gotten his wish that last two rodeos we have been too! It was alot of fun. Thanks again gramps!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

he did it! he did it!

He passed the test!
He is now a registered rad tech...
and a mighty fine looking one at that!
Congratulations Kar's i'm so proud of you!
I love you more than you know.
Now on to MRI school for you!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

oh the places we went!

This last week we took a rode trip up to Seattle Washington where my brother in law conner is from. We seriously had such a good time. I think we lived like kings and queens for the whole week. Even though it was a long ride... we enjoyed every minute of it!
The lllooonngg car ride down

This is where we stopped for "perfect" cherries. I think the sign meant to say "expensive" cherries!

We played a few games on the way down to keep us entertained. Kars and George let us know for about ten minutes who the winners were.

Connie and I enjoying the ride.

We always play car Bingo. This keeps us entertained for hours.
Pikes Place
Pikes place is a cute little farmers market that sales everything from fish to fruits. I loved it. It was so much fun walking through. Kar's and i bought some raspberries and they were delicious.

Conner. Kyle. Kars. and I at the market posing by a pig.


Conners family has a really pretty lake house where we spent two days boating. The weather was perfect and the water was nice! We all took turns wakeboarding and playing on the tubes. The last day all the boys got brave and broke out the sumo tube. It was hilarious.

George taking off from the dock.

Conner and Kar's catching some big air

Conner is pretty amazing on the wakeboard and impressed us all with his crazy moves!

Kars was the first brave on to try out the Sumo Tube!

Doesn't he look sexy?!

Than Conner got brave!

and than Zeke....

and than finally George!

Mariners Game's
The Edward family are season ticket holders to the mariners games. We got to go both nights and had fantastic seats! These games were a blast. Conners dad is a diamond club member which means you get great seats, a amazing meal, and all the food and drink you want during the game. I think we were all stuffed to the brim both nights. It was so much fun.

Kars and I sat right behind the mariners dugout the first night

The whole family at the game! (sorry its a little blurry)

Karson and I the first night. He bought me a t-shirt, i was pretty excited!

Me and my cute sister in law kylee. She just had a baby two months ago and looks so dang good! We had alot of fun together this trip!

Ichiro up to bat. He had the cutest little stance. It almost looked like he had to use the bathroom.

Ky ky and I had a little too much sugar that night! Maybe it was all the free cotton candy... who knows!

Whistler, Canada
We got to go up to Canada for a few days and stayed in the Edwards Condo. It seriously was so beautiful up there! We got to see where some of the olympic events will take place which was really fun!

Karson with baby Nixon. He was such a little trooper the whole time.

Kylee, Connie, and I walking around the village.

Cute little Nixon was as happy as can be!

While we were in Canada we did this thing called ziptrex. Its where you zipline from tree to tree. It was so much fun, a little scary, but alot of fun. We were up pretty high and got going pretty fast. I'm very happy we decided to do it.

Kars. Conner. and I getting ready and suited up.

George and Kylee getting suited up.

Getting ready to start our big adventure!

Kars posing for the camera!

Getting hooked up!

The whole ziplining crew! Connie couldn't come because of her recent operation so she stayed back with Nixon.

These swinging bridges were probably the scariest part of the whole thing! I didn't like them much!


Karson getting ready to walk off!

Our instructer dave hooking me up and telling us all how to do a back flip off the stairs.

The Crab Pot
Karson and I are pretty big fans of the show Man vs. Food. They did a segment on Seattle and ever since we found out we were going, we wanted to go here. They steam a whole bunch of seafood in a pot and than just poor it out on your table. It was dilicious and a great way to end the vacation!

Thank you Edwards family for letting us come up and visit. We had a blast!