Sunday, November 30, 2008

turkey week

thanksgiving was great.
we spent some lovely time with our families
kars and i ate two dinners
im so happy we could be with both families this week
(not to mention we had two great meals!)
after work kars and i went and up and slept at my parents house. the boys went and played basketball while the girls sat around, talked, and laughed.

thursday (turkey day!):
we woke up and watched the annual thanksgiving day parade! i love the parade. After we went to my grandmas house and had our first thanksgiving meal. it was fun because everyone on my moms side was there. after that we went to kars aunts house and had our second meal! after that we played games and made plans for the big shopping day! we all had a big sleepover at his aunts house. it was way fun. a great turkey day!

kars and i woke up at three and headed to walmart. i love black friday. it is so much fun. people get crazy. sadly i had to leave at seven and work. kars stayed out shopping with his mom till about four that afternoon! (what a trooper!) after work, we headed back up to my parents house and had a gingerbread contest. it was seriously fun.

we went to the light the park in nephi. they had a light parade and everything. it was pretty awesome.

my cute niece ella... she is the biggest sweetheart

all the girls

Mccord and Jami

jami and court
zach mom nikki and dad. my dad was so proud of his star!

kars and i making our house!me and kars!
the parduhns house
the christiansens house
the morgans house!

all in all it was a pretty good week i have to say! i dont have any pictures with kars family. (kaydee you need to email some pictures!) it was a good thanksgiving and i am so thankful for such a great family. im so thankful for such a great husband and for everything he does. our first thanksgiving was good!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

pictures from the DUEL

for some crazy reason it wouldn't let me load any images from last weekend! we stayed up in SLC and went to the BYU UTAH game. we are still sad our cougs lost but it was a fun weekend.

a coug fan among the sea of red

waiting for the big game to start
two of the three are ute fans. can you guess which ones?!

this is the night before. kars and i got to sleep on the floor.

black friday

every year we wake up at three in the morning and fight the crowds and crazy people just to save a few bucks! i truly love it. it is so much fun. all my aunts, sisters, sister in law, and cousins go. its been a tradition ever since i can remember! this year sadly i had to work so i had to leave early but i still got some shopping time! even kars went and witnessed some serious fights! it gets crazy but i truly love it and am looking forward to next year already!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

a weekend full of fun

this weekend was amazing.

it all started off with twilight. i honestly loved the movie! i am already excited to go see it again! i can't wait. my family all got tickets to a private screening. all my cousins, my aunts, my sister, and my mom went. since it was a private screening, we knew a lot of the peeps in the theater which made it that much more fun! i love the cullen family and am def. team edward. i hear it did so good that there is a go for making new moon! SO EXCITED! thanks mom for the ticket!

than we went up the the SLC.

kars dad had a work party up in salt lake and got rooms up at little america and they invited us to go stay. (the original plan was to go and stay up there after the concert...) we met kylee and conner up there early and went to the gateway. we walked around for a while and shopped (kars got me a cute jacket! thanks babe!) and than ate at the Skybox. the food was pretty good. after we just went back to the hotel. kars and i got to sleep on the ground! maybe not the best night sleep but still was fun. in the morning we got to eat at the little america buffet! yum it was good! thanks connie and george for letting us stay and for a fun weekend!

than we went to the BYU vs. Utah game

uncle mike gave me and kars his last two tickets to the game. he said we could only have them though if we didnt wear our BYU apparrel. he has season tickets and the people who sit behind him are a little rude and he didnt want to be fighting them off all game. so we graciously accepted the tickets and went wearing our normal everyday clothes (which i think we were the only people who were not wearing red or blue!) it was a little sad but with the outcome of the game i think it was better that way! ute fans are a little brutal! it was way fun and mike thank you so so so much for taking us again! we are sad our cougs lost :( but had a good time!

(sorry there are no pics! it wouldnt upload and i have hardly any patience to wait all day! i will post some later! sorry!)

Monday, November 17, 2008

a new day... that is right

well. karsons family has had tickets to go see celine in concert for over a year. we have all been counting down. i keep telling kars its one of the reasons i married him! i have heard that she is amazing in concert. we were going to make a weekend of it. stay in a hotel. have a fun family weekend. well. i get a text from my sister nikki telling me the bad news! she rescheduled! of course she so happens to get sinus problems on the day we have tickets. go figure right. so we get to wait another two months. she probably just wants to go see the premiere of twighlight that night just like the rest of us. so we are all a little disappointed. i guess the title of her new cd fits.... A NEW DAY! or in other words we will be seeing her another day.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

tagged by nikki

I am a wife
I know i'm a daughter of god
I want a laundry room
I have a hott husband!
I wish for a smokin hott body someday!
I miss being a dental assistant
I fear being home alone
I feel very very tired
I hear the washer running
I smell a new sentsy candle
I crave apples
I search for car keys every morning
I wonder what the future holds
I regret quitting school
I care too much about what others think
I always say my prayers at night.
I am not a good cook.
I believe things happen for a reason
I dance when i hear a good song!
I sing even though i'm not very good at it!
I don’t know how to cook
I fight my own battles
I write texts
I lose my head a lot!
I win at everything... ha ha ha
I never do my hair unless i go somewhere.
I listen to the words of the prophet
I can always make myself laugh
I am scared of the dark!!
I need my hair done badly
I am happy being with my family :)

i tag everyone!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

potato farming and halloween costumes!

i got to experience the small town farming life today for my first time! karson's grandpa has a farm and on that farm he has lots and lots of potatoes! every year all the family gets together and picks potatoes! connie kept telling me how its TRADITION. it really ended up being a lot of fun! i'm glad that it only happens once a year though! its hard work. i have a lot of respect for farmers and next time i eat a potato i will really appreciate it!

here is kar's and mine halloween get-up! we both work at the hospital so we thought we were pretty funny!

hope you all had a good halloween!!!!