Monday, December 27, 2010

Can you say Deja Vu?

This little guy is going to be a big brother!
We are just as surprised as you are but so happy and so excited. I promise we wont make it a habit announcing every Christmas!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kay Family Christmas Party

It was the annual Kay family Christmas party today. We eat way too much food, eat too many sweets, see Santa, and have a good time. All the grand kids were dressed in black and red unplanned so we decided to try our hand at a photo shoot. I love trying to take all the grand kids photos. Every ones little personalities come through and each picture turned out amazing! I couldn't just pick on so I had to post them all!

Ellie was such a great babysitter!

Madden opening up his Present
I think it was a success!

To the great-grandparents house we go!

Madden is pretty lucky because he gets to spend a lot of time at his great-grandparents house! A few times a week I go over and help pooper (that is what we call his grandma!) out with whatever she needs because she recently had surgery. I have quite enjoyed spending time over there and I know Madden has too. He sure loves his great-grandparents to pieces. Last time we were there we got to see Santa! Madden was enthralled with his beard! Its always an exciting time!

Viva Las Vegas

We went down to Vegas last week for the traditional NFR trip. It was a little bit different having the little ones along for the ride but it was still a blast! I look forward to this vacation all year. It is always nice to get away for a few days with some real good friends. I was a little nervous taking Madden to the Rodeo since he can't sit still for two seconds but he did really good. He slept half the time despite how crazy loud it was and enjoyed the rodeo the rest of the time. We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing, swimming, shopping, and of course eating. Can't wait til next year.

Ashlyn and Madden were so cute together. I am really excited when they will be able to actually play with each other.
I love this picture. Madden isn't afraid to suck on anyones fingers and Ashlyn wasn't so sure about it!
Maddens first Rodeo

First time swimming

I love how Ashlyn and Dev have the same look on there face!
Madden enjoying the show from his stroller.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Pictures and Gingerbread Houses

My mom started a tradition of getting all the grand kids matching Christmas clothes and getting pictures taken. It was quite the chore to get everyone sitting, looking, and smiling! Lets just say Madden was the biggest pain in the butt! We surprisingly got a few cute ones.

This is how the majority of the pictures looked. Madden arching his back. Lexi trying to eat everything. Ryder with his milk. Ha ha I love it!

The past couple of years we have started the tradition of making gingerbread houses. It pretty serious business around our house! My grandparents came and picked the winner. Lets just say we should of won!

Madden getting in on the action.
Madden loves my dad. My dad can get him laughing so hard.
I think Matt is trying to peak at our masterpiece!
Madden was lots of help!

The whole crew.
Our masterpiece!