Wednesday, July 22, 2009

pedicures, a wedding, and a day at the park

My older sister Nikki was married on Saturday and to prepare for the big event all the girls (except the Parduhn girlies) went and got pedicures a couple days before! It was so relaxing. It was a lot of fun being with my mom and sisters too. We always have fun together.
Jadi. Mom. Jami. Me

The bride to be getting her nails done!

My niece Jadi loved getting her nails and toes painted pink

My sister was married in the Mt. Timpanogos temple on Saturday. We love her husband and are so excited to have him in the family! The wedding was very hot but very beautiful. I left my temple recommend home in Nephi and for a little while there didn't think I was going to be able to see my sister get married. It was about five minutes before the ceremony and I told Kars just to go up because I didn't think I was going to make it. I'm sure the people at the temple thought I was crazy because I sat in the waiting room crying. About ten minutes later the guy grabbed me and told me to run up and see my sister get married. I don't know if they got a hold of my bishop or not I just started bawling. It was so amazing to walk into the sealing room and see my whole family sitting there. I know I was able to get a little glance into what heaven will be like. It broke my heart knowing that my whole family was up in that sealing room, and I wasn't going to be let in. That they didn't think I was worthy enough to be in the room. It would be so heartbreaking to know that you wouldn't be let into the celestial kingdom and to be with your family forever because you were not worthy enough. I can't describe to you the feelings I felt when I was able to walk into the room and see my husband, my parents, and my family. I am so grateful for the temple and for the blessing it brings and knowing that families can be together forever. I am so happy that Nikki and Tipper made the decision to be married in the temple. It was an amazing experience to see them be sealed. Hopefully now I will never forget my temple recommend.

Tipper and Nikki
My whole family was together for the whole weekend so we decided to make a day and go to Lagoon. It was really a lot of fun. It was hot, but fun. The little kids were so excited to go and it was so much fun being with everybody. My brother and his family live up in Boise so we don't all get together a lot. I am so thankful for my wonderful family. We always have so much fun together no matter what we do.

Some of the crew
Kars and I

Ella Bella running through the water.

Mac, Sophie, and Kars running through the fountain to cool off.

Sweet little Sophie

Ella loved the water

Kars and McCord

Kars doesn't do well with rides so he sat on the bench a lot with my 8 1/2 month pregnant sister! He was such a trooper.

Waiting in line for a ride.

Riding on the Ferris Wheel. Don't mind that I'm very sweaty and Kars looks like he might throw up on me.

Doesn't he look like he is having a blast!

Kars and my brother riding the Ferris wheel. Don't they look like a cute couple?!

All the boys had a bet to see who could throw the ball the farthest. This is Kar's attempt.

and he won a bat!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

ute stampede!

This last weekend was the annual Ute Stampede. This might be one of the most exciting things that happens in good old Nephi! We were able to go for two of the three days and had alot of fun! We went on Thursday night with the whole Morgan clan! We were not able to go friday because my sister had her endowments taken out in the St. George temple. She is getting married this Saturday and we are really excited for her! Its a beautiful temple. We had alot of fun. On Saturday we went to the rodeo with a bunch of friends! I think im getting bad at taking pictures because I only had my camera Thursday night sadly! I love the Ute Stampede and am already looking forward to next year!

Nixon's first horse parade! He is a little stud.
The hubbster.

The amazing rodeo burgers.

My BF tanner. Another little stud!

The whole family

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i need a little motivation!!

I know I need to go back.
I know I have to go back.
I'm just having a hard time going back.
Do I be a nurse, a teacher, a rocket scientist?
Okay, so maybe not the last one.
What if i fail. What if I'm not good.
Is working and wanting to start a family (in the near but far future) going to get in the way?
I know many have gone through this... i just want to know
how does everyone do it?
How can i be motivated to go back!!!!