Thursday, June 30, 2011

Girl Getaway!

All the ladies in the Kay family headed down to St.George for the weekend. It was a blast! We always have such a good time when we get together and laugh non stop! Madden, the lucky duck, was the only boy who was able to join in on the festivities. I don't think he has ever gotten so much love and attention in all his life. We drove down Saturday and went to Grease at the Tuachan. Sunday we just hung around, swam, and played games. Monday we shopped til we dropped. Tuesday we headed home. In between we played fun games, talked, laughed, and ate a lot. I always look forward to this trip and can't wait til next year. I was horrible at taking pictures but at least I documented some of it!

Madden on the drive down testing out his new car seat. I dare say he quite enjoyed it!
Swimming in style!
Madden loving on his cousin Mya. Don't mind his shirt, he is teething!

Eating at the Bear Paw

If you can't tell we exhausted this little boy out! He was such a trooper though!
Yes this is what happens when you go on a trip with 17girls! Like I said he was quite the trooper!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My kind of laundry

The other night I was folding laundry and looked down and saw a surprise in the laundry basket. He thought he was pretty neat sitting in the basket. Karson pushed him around a bit and he was in heaven. I think I could do laundry every day if my basket was always full of cute little babies!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All about my boy!

We have seriously been loving this warm weather. I have been trying to do some fun things with Madden before our life gets a little bit more crazy in a couple of months. We have been hit up the Payson pool a few times but when we can't make it up there we go to our own little retreat in our back yard. I went and bought a blow up pool. BIG mistake! They forget to tell you that you have to blow up the blow up pool. Lets just say it took me about 4 hours of huffing and puffing before this beauty was up. Needless to say we are making the most of it and are out there almost everyday! So if you drive by and are curious if we have a beached whale in our backyard,no worries, its just me trying to cool off!

Madden has turned into quite the little climber and tries to climb up on everything. He has an obsession with this stool. Only problem is once he is up he can't get down so he either screams or falls backwards which results in more screaming. I turned it around hoping he would stop but he found another way to climb up and made a seat out of it! Little stinker.

Every morning when Karson leaves for work Madden cries for a good five minutes. He usually stands at the gate and screams Da Da forever. It is the saddest but cutest thing. Boy sure loves his dad!

Oh and have I mentioned Madden is walking! He started a few weeks ago but recently has really taken off! It is so funny to watch him wobble everywhere. If he is in a big hurry he crawls but other than that he walks like crazy. My little guy is getting so big! This isn't the best picture of him walking because every time I try to take a picture he falls. Go figure!

My mom watched Madden last friday night while Karson and I went out. They have a dog that Madden loves. Harley (the dog) has a big pillow bed that Madden loves. Ever since than he has had an obsession with pillows. I love this picture because he looks so big watching his cartoons!
Oh how I love a sleeping baby! All the summer craziness has worn this little guy out!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

To the best dad in the world!
I couldn't of asked for a better dad for my children. I think Madden would agree with me that he has quite the awesome da da! We love you Kars! Thanks for everything!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Clint Black Concert

Every year for Eagle Mountain Days they throw on a pretty awesome concert. We have gone the last three years and have loved it. This year Clint Black came to town and he did not disappoint. The only disappointing thing about the night was no snow cone stand or kettle popcorn like last year. Lame. Oh well the free boxes of Little Ceasers at the end made up for it. We went with my sister and brother in law Court again and had a blast. The best part is people watching. There are some crazy people out there. Last year we laughed so hard at a lady up front who was shaking it all night long. Much to our surprise she was back! We called her big red and had to get some photos. Best part is my sister saw her at Walmart the next day wearing the exact same outfit. Too funny.

Jami and Big Red.
We look like we are pretty good buddies here.
I just love this picture! I think she caught us in the act.
I figured I better throw in a picture of the reason we were there. Clint Black.
Oh and this is what you get when you steal my camera!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Parduhn Family Reunion

We were down in St. George this past week for a Parduhn Family get together! It was a BLAST! My gramps has a house right down by Sand Hollow that they rent out and we were lucky to stay there for a few days! Lets just say we lived in luxury for the past couple of days. The house was amazing. Karson and I were lucky and scored the master bedroom. I sadly didn't get any pictures of the house for some reason but trust me when I say amazing. We had a fabulous vacation and I didn't want to come home. Sadly all things must come to an end but we are looking forward to next year already!

We left Wednesday night after work around 6 hoping to get there before it was late. I had Karsons car all packed and ready to go. I even got the oil changed and washed his car. We got on the freeway and Karsons car was acting funny. About 3 miles outside Nephi his car told us to pull over immediately and shut the engine down.  Luckily my brother was 3 minutes behind us and pulled over to help. We called our friends and they towed us back into town and we ended up taking Connie and Georges car. We later found out that it was something they did when we changed the oil. I am just glad it was right outside Nephi. We didn't end up leaving til 9 but we finally made it!

We relaxed most of Thursday. We did venture out for a short four wheeling ride. We picked the wrong time of day to go and it was extremely hot so we didn't last long. I didn't get any pictures of this day because I forgot my darn camera. There was a big theater room and we watched some movies and had a good day!

Friday we headed to Zions and hiked around a bit and had a picnic in the park. Again it was pretty hot but Zions is beautiful and we had a good time. We did the weeping rock hike and it was nice to get cooled off by the water at the top. That night we played glow in the dark bocce on the golf course behind my grandpas house. 

One morning I woke up to these two on the top of the roof drinking hot chocolate. They were early risers. McCord kept telling Kars the view was beautiful. Every morning Mac would ask if they could drink hot chocolate together on the "view".

 The "view" of the golf course.
Mac and Madden in the tub. Since they were the early risers we let them play in the swimming pool, I mean tub for a while!
My dad and Madden hiking in Zions.
Up and the top. We were getting dripped on.

Me in all my pregnancy glory.

Saturday we woke up early and went to the shooting range to shoot clay pigeons. Karson was looking forward to this ALL MONTH long! It was so much fun and lets just say some of the girls in my family are pretty dang good shots. After shooting we went on a hike and climbed to a waterfall and played in the water. It felt so nice to be in the water. Madden loved in and screamed the whole time to be in the water. I don't blame him, it was hot. That night my gramps had dinner catered for us and it was fabulous!

Madden isnt a fan of the sun in his eyes so monkey spent a lot of time over his face.
All the ladies shooting.
These two were some of the big winners.
My mom and Madden.
It was so hot Lex and Madden spent a lot of time eating ice out of the jug. It was nice because it kept them quite entertained. 
Kars and Madden in the water.
Madden was in heaven.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The dirty dash

Karson and Kylee ran in the dirty dash yesterday up at Soilder Hollow. It is a 5k through some serious obstacles and crazy mud. It was so fun to go up and watch. Lets just say I don't think I have seen so many muddy smelly people in my life. They did awesome! It was a perfect sunny day and a fun race to watch! Karson said it was a lot harder than the normal 5k but so glad he did it and can't wait to do the one in September!

Here are the dirty dashers all geared up and ready to run!
Our little soon to be family of 4!
The cheerleaders
The cutest boy on the planet!
Karson bought Madden his own camping chair and he loved it. I think he thought he was quite the big boy sitting in the chair!
Half way through the run.

Kars did a back flip into the mud.
Karson and Kody
Karson and Kylee
The whole group.

Lets just say everyone was pretty darn muddy! I think Kars might be cleaning out mud from his ears for weeks!