Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Haircuts

My boys hair had gotten way too long for my liking! I would do it and two minutes later it looked like they had just rolled out of bed. I finally convinced Karson to buzz them! I think they look so darn cute with their new little look! Madden especially looks like a little boy. We love Spring and can't wait for more nice weather!

Babysitting Co-op

A group of my friends here in Nephi have started a babysitting co-op and it has been wonderful. We babysit one night out of the month and have the choice to go out Friday or Saturday every weekend for the rest of the month. Karson and I have joked that we haven't dated this much since before we were dating! It had been so much fun getting to know everyone's kids a little bit more too. My boys love it! They ask every day when they can go play with their friends.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grandpas Motorcycle

Madden loves grandpas motorcycles. He loves to look at them and has summoned up the courage to go for a little ride. His favorite color is orange so he was in heaven on that motorcycle. Nash loves motorcycles from a far but sobs hysterically when he gets near the real thing!

House Progress

Driving by our house daily has become a slight addiction. Even the boys love driving by and going to see progress. We love when there is something new! Madden made me take him around and tell him what everything will be. We even had to knock on the fake door. Needless to say I think we all are a little excited!!!

Take My Picture Mom

All day long my boys are asking me to take their pictures. They love to be silly and laugh at themselves. It's never a dull moment at our house.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Nash's Back

Nash and I took a little trip up to Shriners last week and was delievered the best news! Nash's back has fixed itself completly. He went from a 29 degree to basically a 0 in less than a year with just physical therapy. I was elated! I may or may not of shed a few tears when I heard the news. We will have to go back in a year for another check-up which he will most likely have to have for the rest of his life. I will take that over him being in a body cast any day. I am so thankful for Shriners. It is such an amazing hospital. They were so great with Nash and were awesome to answer any of my questions and calm my fears. I think every time he left he left with a handful of toys and books. I will forever be grateful for the blessings this little guy has recieved over the past year. I am not sure why he was born with a crooked little spine but I do know we have been blessed and have become a stonger family by it. Many prayers have been answered. 

Trouble Makers

We were over at our friends house for FHE and had just finished dinner and were talking when I realized it was quiet... too quiet. I walked downstairs and the door at the bottom was closed. I could smell a very sweet smell and knew something was up. As soon as I opened it I saw a lovely array of colors splattered everywhere! Our friends own the little snow shack here in town and had all of the snow come flavoring down stairs in a box. Their little girl knows where it is and got into it and my little boys played right along. Nash was riding a trike and had wheeled right through the puddle so there were wheel marks everywhere. Madden had colors poured down his back. It was such a mess. We spent the next few hours trying to clean it up. It had luckily only gotten a little bit on the carpet which was lucky. Natalie sent me pictures of it the next morning and it looked so much better. Such little stinkers. Madden told everyone the next few days that he was in big trouble and that mommy was so mad!

St.George Weekend

We went down to St.George this weekend to celebrate Easter with my family. It was a much needed and very relaxing weekend! Now that both my sisters live down there and my parents spend the majority of their time there we hardly get together anymore. Christmas was the last time I had seen them which is way to long. We missed my brother Jake and his family though. We were able to watch my little nephew Mac play baseball which was so cute. Nash loved it. We celebrated Easter and my mom had a little hunt for the kids. The boys golfed while we swam. We watched conference and just had fun. I'm already planning my next trip back! So fun.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Camping

We went out camping for Easter with Karsons extended family. I think it's safe to say my boys LOVED it! They spent most the time digging, rolling, and playing in the dirt. They loved sleeping in our trailer and keep asking when we get to go camping again. I love camping and am glad my boys do too. It's always fun being with family eating way too much and just being together! I have a feeling we will be getting good use out of our trailer this year!!!