Monday, March 30, 2009

welcome to the world nixon!

my sister-in-law kylee had her baby on saturday! little nixon conner edwards was born on march 28. kars and i drove up to logan that day and was able to see our cute little nephew! it is amazing how tiny they come! we are so excited for kylee and conner! we just wanted them to know how much we love them... and little nixon too!

Monday, March 23, 2009

shout out to my hubbie!

i just wanted to let kars know how much i LOVE him.
he is truly the most amazing person i know.
i am so happy i get to spend eternity with him.

plus isn't he just so good lookin'

Sunday, March 22, 2009

taking advantage of the WARM weather!

on saturday morning kar's and i decided to take advantage of the nice weather and get going on some spring cleaning. this summer we are hoping to fix up the outside of our humble abode. we have a really old shed that is full of junk, junk, more junk, and rocks. i don't think the previous owner ever threw anything away. ever. he also must of had a facintion with rocks. it took us four truckloads to the dump but we can now actually walk into our shed. im excited to get going and get a yard this summer. it makes me excited for the warm weather!

we also had our first fire of the year! i love when it starts getting warm so we can actually do things outside! we had some friends over to our house saturday night and made tinfoil dinners. it was so delcious except apparently i didnt put enough meat in for the boys! opps! it was alright though because we filled up plenty on smores. it was a fun night and i can not wait for more nights like this!

the tinfoil dinners
the first fire of the season
the whole gang

Monday, March 16, 2009

vegas vacation!

this weekend we headed down to las vegas for the basketball games to support good old BYU. sadly BYU lost but the weather made the trip amazing! i LOVED it! the whole morgan clan went down as well as the jones's. we had so much fun. we also got to watch my brother in law conner play flag football in a tournament down there. his team did really well. a few of us girls headed to the outlets and spent many hours shopping!it was a dang good weekend!
the boys bowling
yes we are wearing matching t-shirts! i always tell kars i hope to be that old couple who dresses up in the same shirt on the fourth of july! we are starting early!

that is all the photo's i have from vegas sadly! my camera died so i didnt get to take many pictures!

my family went down in st. george that same weekend we went to vegas so we stopped and spent the night with them!my parents went down to go riding for a few days so we all invited ourselves to stay with them in the condo! the next day we went and hiked the red rocks. mom and dad thanks for letting us intrude for a night!
my two sisters!
my brother in law court and kars
kars climbing
mac and jadi

Monday, March 9, 2009

rootin tootin shootin good time!

last weekend we wanted to take advantage of the good weather. kars and devin decided to take nat and i shooting! we really did have a fun time! i must admit nat and i are a pretty good aim! lets just say there are a few less clay pigeons in the world! :) that night nat and i convinced the boys to take us to get massages.... unfortunatly they were booked so we got a good seafood dinner at the red lobster! we are so happy that dev and nat are living in nephi for the time being! it has given us some friends and something to do!

on saturday we had a baby shower for my sister in law kylee! it was amazing that so many people could fit in our tiny house but it turned out great! connie made these amazing cupcake lollipops which were so cute and SOOOO yummy! we are so excited for little nixon to come! we just hope he can stay put why we are all in vegas this weekend! ky you know how to prevent that! :)
my first diaper cake! i put my cricut to good work! it was alot of fun making it!

these are connies lollipops!