Monday, June 23, 2008

slowly but surely!

our house seems like its coming together slowly but surely! last weekend we got our doors and molding delivered! a few weeks ago my brother in law courtney and my sister jami came down and helped us texture a few rooms in our house! hopefully this weekend we can get everything painted! we're so grateful for everyones help! its a big job but it honestly has been fun!

seeing how our doors look!
my sister and brother in law came down and helped us texture our walls
kars carrying in our molding!

carrying in our doors!


jami said...

do not post ugly pics of me on your blog. Love the blog, I am so glad you have one now.

KK and Company said...

Hey! I am Karson's long-time neighbor and friend! I just want to tell you both congrats for everything! Tell him I say hello!

Kaydee said...

Hi my cutest future sister-in-law in the entire world! I am so happy that you have a blog. Looks like your love shack is coming along, believe me I know from experience that remodeling is not always fun but is sure does pay off in the end. Just keep that cute smile on your face and everything will be great!

Natalie Park said...

Hey guys! I am glad I found your blog! Looks like your house is coming along! I am so happy you guys are getting married! Thanks for hanging out with us the other night! Sorry I was a little nervous on the Harley! We need to hangout some more!