Monday, July 7, 2008

one month mark!

only 31 more days but who is counting right! surely that would be me! im so excited i can barely stand it! its like waiting for christmas... but better! i think about all the things i still need to do and i dont even care, i just want it to be here! who cares if we are living in an unfinished house right! okay! okay! so pray for us that our house gets finished in time! also pray that i can melt off a couple extra pounds in the mean time! i always hear that you marry your best friend and its really true. i love kars more than i knew was possible (kars i know your reading this and thinkin im a cheeseball but its true!) i just cant wait and tomorrow it will only be 30!!!


matesen said...

Hey Karson and Linzy! I just found your blog! I can't believe you are getting married in a month. I am so excited for the two of you!

Snedaker Family said...

Cute Blog! I am excited for you to get married!!! We wish we could be there for the big day. We come a few days later! Good luck! We love ya