Tuesday, September 30, 2008


last week my family went hunting up mayfield canyon. it was so much fun! this year i had a tag and was hoping to get my first kill! i shot at a two point but obviously i need a little bit more aiming practice! it was the muzzle loader and i was just excited i actually shot at one! we saw a lot of doe and plenty of cows! it was just fun to be away for a few days and to hang out with my family! i love my family, we always have the best time together! we ate a ton and laughed alot! im already looking forward to next year!

My brother in law courtney, kars, and my brother zach were so nice to let me tag along!

My mom and my sister trying to start the fire!

jami, mccord, and jaders sitting by the fire! it was also jamis birthday while we were up there so happy birthday jam!

trying to take a picture of all three of us!

zach and mccord hanging by the fire!

the best hunting partner ever! my dad was so cute and let me tag along the whole trip! we had so much fun and im so happy i got to spend that time with him! i love him!

mccord watching the fire

karson driving his wheeler! look how pretty the leaves are!


Vance Family of 5 said...

I have to tell you... Logan got a chance to talk to Karson at the homecoming game on Friday and asked where you were. When Karson said you were on the muzzle loader hunt he couldn't figure out why he wasn't with you! Also, I think he was a little jealous that Karson has a wife who will go on the hunts with him! :) Good for you! Glad you guys had fun.