Friday, December 26, 2008

our first christmas!

we had a very merry christmas! it was a busy but fun day!
we started the day off waking up at seven and opening up our christmas from each other. santa spoiled me rotten!!! connie and george came over and watched us open our presents! kars got me a cricut! i love it. i love him! i gave kars a muzzle loader!
than we went over to connie and georges and opened up presents there! santa once again spoiled me rotten! i got a sewing machine! im very excited to learn! kars got lots and lots of much needed shoes. work boots. church shoes. awesome flip flop shoes. thank you connie and george!
after that we headed up to pooper and papa's (kars grandma and grandpa!) and ate an awesome brunch and opened up presents. i was stuffed!
after we made the drive up to alpine! luckly the roads were not too bad! my mom and dad gave us a wheat grinder, food storage, a camp chef, and a dutch oven. we are so excited to finally have a start on food storage! its not something kars and i cant really spend money on so we are so so thankful for it! im excited to try my wheat grinder out! thank you mom and dad!

showing kars how happy i was with my present!

kars with his gun!

connie and george watching us open our presents!

my nephew Mac. isnt he the cutest little boy!

my mom and dad gave us all these nerf gun things. we got into a battle! it was fun. this is my little neice jadi shooting hers!

in the middle of the battle!

kars in his battle attire!

my brother in his battle attire.

kars again. isnt he so cute!

mac again. he loves motorcycles and is obsessed with them! so my parents got him a bike that looks like one. he loved it and wore his helmet everywhere.

me and brielle.

ellie again! she is so cute. kaydee made her a little christmas tutu!

opening up presents at grandma reds.

ellie in her new car.

all the girl cousins (minus ky ky and kaydee) in our matching pj's grandma red gave us!

our new beanies!

the stockings connie made! they are so cute!

playing the Wii and aunt cassie and uncle mikes house. it got a little serious!

all in all it was a great day! we surely did have a very merry first christmas. we are so thankful to have such wonderful families! we couldn't be more blessed! we hope you guys all had a very merry christmas too!!!



Yay. it looks like you had a blast. its different splitting up the holidays but its all worth it

matesen said...

Merry Christmas you two! My mom said that I should thank you for my cricut because you told her what one to get- so thanks! Linzy, I think mandee and I are going to plan a scrapbooking day so we will let you know when so you can come too!

Rebecca Woolston said...

Linzy! I am so excited that you got a sewing machine! I remember once when you were at my house and my mom was sewing and you said, "well my family does NOT sew." And now look at you, you're going to be threading the world. Maybe one of these weekends, I will need to come visit you in Nephi and we can make some cool project. Sorry I missed you at Nat's wedding- I was hoping I would see you at Katie's but no such luck. Happy New Year!