Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH BOY!!!

I had my Nephi shower today! It was a jungle theme and turned out so cute! My very creative mother and sisters in law threw it and it turned out perfect. The little man and I were definitely spoiled. I can't wait to try all the cute little outfits on and wrap him up in the cute blankets! Connie made the bedding and it turned out better than I thought! Soon as I have it set up I will post pictures.

Last weekend we went to the lake with a bunch of friends! We always have a good time at the lake! It was hot and I got fried to death. I don't think I have ever been that sun burnt before in my life... but it was worth it!

After boating we went out to Eagle Mountain and watched the live concert! We convinced Jami and Court to come and I am so glad they did! We had fun listening to Tracy Lawrence but I think we had a better time people watching. You guys better be game for next year!

My dad and mom drove down to Nephi two nights in a row to help us lay our slate in our laundry room. We are so thankful that he could come down and help us out! We are that much closer! Thanks again dad and mom... we owe you big time!


Callie said...

You are sooo cute and pregnant. Seriously Linz, like really quite lovely! So excited for you.

KK and Company said...

Congratulations Karson & Linzy! Good luck with the new addition!

Connie said...

Fun post Linz! A lot of FUN things going on. The shower was great and lots of great things for the little guy too.

Jake said...

Linzy you are a cute pregnant lady! Looks like you had a great shower. I bet you are so stoked to have a laundry room!!...and a nursery...haha. Love ya.

A bit about our little family... said...

Finally, a post! yahoo! Glad you enjoyed your shower, you got so many cute things! I love the bedding so much! I can't wait to see it all finished! Love ya