Friday, January 13, 2012

4 months

Weight: 15.5 oz
Height: 26 inches

Nash turned 4 months old a few weeks ago. I am behind but better late than never right! This little guy is such a joy to have in our family. At first I thought Heavenly Father had a funny sense of humor when I found out I was pregnant but now I know we needed him in our family. I needed him here. He is the most easy going baby you will ever meet. He is so happy. He hardly ever cries unless he is hungry. He has slept through the night from day one until a few days ago! I am hoping its just a little stage he is going through! He loves to talk and talk and talk. He is a noisy little fella but I think he has to be if he wants to be heard in this family! He smiles so easy. I have honestly seen so many blessings happen since he has come into our home. He truly has a unique spirit about him. He loves his older brother and loves to watch him play. We love our little Nash and are so excited to see his personality keep develpoing over the next few months! Happy four months Nasher bug. We love you!


Natasha said...

So he's already 4 months old, and you already look like you've never had a baby...not to mention two!