Thursday, February 23, 2012

Boston and Maine

Karson and I had to opportunity to go back East last month on a quick little getaway! Nash got to tag along because he is still attached. It was so hard leaving Madden and even though we missed him we had a blast! It felt like a quick trip but it was fun to go and see places we have never been.

Nashs first plane ride! He did so amazing! Everyone around us commented that they didn't even hear a peep out of him!
Waiting in Denver at one of our layovers
Happy boy!
Nashs first time swimming! He loved it and ever since he kicks constantly in the tub!
We love watching Diners Drive-ins and Dives and when we are in a place where they show one we try to go there! We went to this place called Mikes Pastry's and it was super good! We tried to go to a little Italian restaurant too but the wait was over 3 hours.

We drove down by Fenway Park and about lost our lives getting there! I would never ever want to drive in Boston again! Sheesh!
Nash got to ride shot gun for the first time!
The First light house in America!
Our Maine lobster!
Getting ready to go home!

We had a great time! We are so thankful for our family to watch Madden on short notice!


Natasha said...

On the boob? Seriously? You blogged that? Haha! You crack me up. And I wanted some pictures of the allergic reaction to shellfish...