Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Night

Madden was dead set on being Buzz this year for Halloween, that is until the Woody costume came in the mail and Madden was in love with the hat. Luckily Nash was a team player and made a very cute Buzz.  We started our Halloween celebrations Tuesday. The boys had play group and got to dress up for that. That night the boys went trick or treating down main with a bunch of their friends. Sadly no pictures that day. Than on Halloween night the boys trick or treated to a few of our families house and than we headed up to Santaquin to be with cousins. Nash went to two houses and than was content with a sucker in the stroller for the night. Madden loved it. He took his sweet time taking in everyone's decorations too! It was a fun night!

Madden threw a major fit right before we started. We thought we were in for a long night.

Usually we dress up and plan our costumes in advance but sadly this year was different. Luckily we had these footed pajamas handy and were babies for .2 seconds. These pajamas were the beauties I came out in on our Wedding night. Yes I am that awesome!


Jessie said...

Haha you guys are awesome!! I love those footie pjs!!! And I love that your boys were Buzz & Woody :) We should have met up for a picture!