Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

We headed down to Vegas for the NFR. It was the first time Karson and I have ever both spent the night away from the boys. I was a little anxious but my sisters took awesome care of them. I don't even think they missed us they had so much fun! We did what ever couple does when they are away from their kids... And actually slept! It was so nice to sleep in. My in laws came down with us and we had a pretty good time! My mother in law works at the Jr.High and they are studying the Hoover Damn so she convinced us to drive down and go on a tour. I think I was more amazed at the new bridge than anything! We went to go buy our tickets to go on the tour and Connie wasn't allowed to go because of her pace maker. So sad! We of course went to the NFR and had a grand old time. I love that we have kept this tradition! We always have fun!