Friday, May 10, 2013

The Week From You Know Where

This week has sucked. I hate that word but its the best I could come up with without using profanity! Last Friday night we went to check out our house progress and decided to get a little fast food before heading to a friends house. Well right as we got our food Nash threw up everywhere. We thought maybe he had choked a little because while we were cleaning him up he was dancing around. We went home anyways. The next day we were doing a service day for Karsons grandparents and Nash started getting diarrhea. This is fairly normal for him since he has always had a chronic case of the runs. But it all went downhill from there. He proceeded to throw up again all over the car on the way home. The next day he ran a horrible fever and was very lethargic. He had it coming out both ends poor guy. Monday rolls around and I had to go run a few errands. Madden feel asleep in the car so I drove around for a bit trying to pass the time. The poor kid woke up vomiting all over the car. It is now Friday and I can't even tell you how many messes I have cleaned up. It is never ending. Poor Madden can't shake it. He gets so sad whenever he throws up. I am so over this darn flu! So hears to hoping I don't have to do another load of laundry this weekend!


Natasha said...

Yuck! I think we are having a version of this at our house. I swear little Isaac is all thin, grey skin and bones because he has lost so much weight throwing up. No fun!