Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kay Christmas Party

Guys on the Go

Madden is a dance class called guys on the go. He absolutely loves it. He looks forward to Mondays and hanging out with Miss Lisa! In October he had a little dance performance at a boutique and he did awesome. He is seriously the best little marcher you ever did see! I love seeing how independent he is becoming. It has been really good for him to have his own thing! 

Deer Hunting

The boys have been big into playing hunting lately and love to go look for deer. I love how excited they get when we spot some. They have to get out with their "goggles" and check them out. They can't wait til they get big so they can shoot one!


We had a really great Easter this year. The boys were so excited for Easter day and looked forward to it for weeks. They practiced hiding and looking for eggs for days on end. They loved the many many hunts they participated in. They also loved the $85.00 Karson spent on Easter candy. Karson went a little overboard on the candy this year... haha! I love Easter for many reasons but I love that we are reminded of the Saviors love for us. He died so I can be with my little family forever. We are very blessed.

Family Time

We went and played baseball the other night for family night. It was so much fun.The boys loved it, especially Nashy. I love when everyone is together. My boys love their cousins and we don't get to see both sides of our families very often so when we do we LOVE it! Family is everything!

Love this Man of Mine

 I am so thankful for Karson. He works so hard for our family. He works long hours and than comes home and is an awesome husband and dad. The boys cant wait for him to get home everyday and either can I. We got pretty darn lucky!

Spring Fever

Spring Fever has set in! We have enjoyed this crazy weather way too much and cry when it rains or snows! The boys could ride bikes all day long! We can't wait for summer!!!

Owen Loves Madden

These two have the sweetest relationship. From the very beginning Owen has always loved  Madden. I think it is because Madden will play with him for hours. I hope they will always be close! 


There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. 

Bunco Gals

 I love my little town for many many reasons but one of the big reasons are my amazing friends! Once a month we get together and play bunco and I look forward to it every month. These girls are so amazing! We laugh and have a blast together. I got really lucky!

Silly Boys

My days are never dull with these three crazies around. They are all so different and hilarious in there own way. We have a lot of fun everyday. It is so fun to see them interact with each other and watch as they develop into their own little people. I love my days with my boys!