Monday, July 7, 2014

Date Night

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is go to Rodeos! It is so nice when we can sneak away just the two of is and really enjoy it! I love Karson and am so glad we enjoy the same things!! Love date nights! 

Swimming Lessons

The boys had two weeks of swim lessons! Madden loved them. Nash tolerated them. They both love the water but it just happened to be that week where it was freezing. Nash doesn't do freezing! It was so fun watching them progress and become more confident in the water. Owen just wanted to be in the water with them! 

Parduhn Family Reunion

We went down to Hurricane for the annual Parduhn reunion! It was a little wild but we enjoyed every second of it. Owen ran a fever the whole time and Madden had an asthma attack but other than that we had so much fun. We seriously love this vacation. Sadly it might be our last at the suite retreat. So very thankful for family and that my grandpa does this every year.

Poor Nashy!

Owen took a swipe at Nash and got him right in the eye. He cried and cried and finally went to sleep really early. He woke up sobbing that night on and off. He held his eye and wouldn't even open it. That morning was the same story. We ran him down to the eye doctor where he told us that Owen managed to take a chunk out of Nash's cornea. He said that it is very painful and would take up to a week to heal. Poor Nash was miserable for a few days but was back to his crazy self in no time! 

A camping we will go

We love camping! We have been able to drag our trailor out a few times this year and have had a blast everytime we go. My two oldest are in heaven everytime we go! Owen is a lot more work but he enjoys it too! It is so much fun to go as a family! We love it! 

My little workout buddy

I go to the gym here in town. They have a few classes where you can drop the kids off at the day care. It has been wonderful and we all love going. For some reason Nash has developed a little separation anxiety and wouldn't go. My cute instructors are so sweet and let Nash stay and work out with us. It is actually pretty cute and he loves it. It always says he wants to dance with the ladies! He is hilarious! He always makes sure I stay hydrated as well! Love this little man of mine! 

Fathers and Sons

The boys all went to their first fathers and sons. It is for sure one of the perks of having all little boys! The boys were so excited to go as camping buddies! Karson was on call so he only made it up for dinner. He said the boys had fun. He was saying all the boys were running around with sticks pretending they were guns and Madden runs to Karson with two sticks and says he look dad I am playing the violen! He is such a crack up! 

Guys on the Go Dance Review

Madden had his final dance review in May! It was the cutest thing. He did amazing. He takes this class serious. I am so proud of this little boy! Over a year ago I couldn't imagine him going out on stage and doing as amazing as he did. He has grown up so much in the past year. He is such a good little guy and so fun to be around!