Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tough Work

Nash has a "pooping" spot in our house. He goes and hides under the table. Yes he needs to be potty trained but he is stubborn! A few times he has taken a nap after! It makes for a stinky house! Must be hard work!

Picking Peas

Our stakes garden had an abundance of peas and we were able to go pick some! We love peas so we were all so very excited! The boys loved it and were awesome helpers! We even had Luke and Tanner helping us out! 

Hiking the Grotto

This is such a fun little hike! The kids loved every second of it!!! They especially loved being with cousins!!!  

Running Ragnar

This year I was able to run a little of Ragnar! It was so much fun... When no running was involved! I love all these sweet ladies and hopefully next year I will be able to run the whole thing! 

No More Crooked Nashy!

We made our last and final visit to Shriners! Nash was discharged as a patient! His back is straight as an arrow. The doctors said he is nothing short of a miracle to go from a 29 to a 0 in the short amount of time with no casting! We couldn't be more thrilled!