Sunday, October 5, 2014

Walking Reno

Our friend Rex asked Madden if he would walk a horse in the lead line at the fair. Madden was so excited and did awesome! It was so funny seeing him out there walking a huge horse! He did awesome and was so proud! He carried his blue ribbon with him for days! 

Bucking Sheep

Madden rode a sheep at the fair! He was so brave and did awesome! He had no fear and jumped right on! I think I was more scared than he was! It is so fun watching him become a little boy! Love him! 

The Ute Stampede

We love July! It is such a busy month for us! Our favorite is when the rodeo comes to town. It's a week long of family fun! The boys were so much fun this year! They especially loved the carnival. We have played rodeo ever since! 

Thanksgiving Point Fun

My mom got a pass to Thanksgiving Point and we have put it to good use! The boys love going to all the museums and the farm. We also got to spend time with cousins! We had a really fun summer!


The 4th of July

We spent the 4th in Nephi and loved it. My boys loved the carnival at the park! It is such a fun tradition! We went and watched the fireworks at Bullets house! The boys were exhausted after a fun day and all feel asleep on the way home! We love the fourth! 

Welcome Home Tevan

This summer our cute cousin Tevan came home from serving in Chili! We were so excited to go to the airport and welcome him home! He is such an amazing kid! I'm glad my boys have awesome men to look up too!