Sunday, July 20, 2008

our crazy fun weekend!

things have been pretty crazy with the wedding getting closer and the house not finished so it was nice to have a weekend where we could get away and not think about what color table cloths we want or buying the wrong kind of sand paper for the third time! it all started off with the famous ute stampede! thursday night was family night and my family got to experience the stampede for the first time! my parents came and brought my little niece and nephew! friday we all took the day off from work and worked hard on our house! its starting to look like a home which makes us so excited! saturday morning i woke up and decided to run the 5k with connie! oh what was i ever thinking! i guess i figured i was in more shape than i actually was! at least i didnt finish last! than sunday monday and tuesday we went up to cherry hill for a little family reunion with karsons family! it was a blast! we swam, ate, played games, and just had fun! monday night karson and i got to sneak away and go to the american idol concert at the E center! i won tickets off kbull and they hooked me up with a sweet "i voted for david" tshirt! i was excited cause i never win anything! there are a few pictures of our fun filled weekend. i had to post the one of me making pancakes cause the one time i cooked my pancakes turned out better than karson's!

Monday, July 7, 2008

one month mark!

only 31 more days but who is counting right! surely that would be me! im so excited i can barely stand it! its like waiting for christmas... but better! i think about all the things i still need to do and i dont even care, i just want it to be here! who cares if we are living in an unfinished house right! okay! okay! so pray for us that our house gets finished in time! also pray that i can melt off a couple extra pounds in the mean time! i always hear that you marry your best friend and its really true. i love kars more than i knew was possible (kars i know your reading this and thinkin im a cheeseball but its true!) i just cant wait and tomorrow it will only be 30!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

UVU phoria

on monday night we went to the UVU phoria with some of our good friends! it was smokin hot outside! Josh Gracin, Collin Raye, and Joe nichols played! At the end there was an awesome display of fireworks! It was nice to get away and have fun for one night and not think about our house and wedding plans! even with the heat it was alot of fun!