Wednesday, September 17, 2008

oh the things you learn!

what i have learned these past few months:
- fabric softner is not laundry detergant
- that buying toilet paper is the pits
- bills are expensive
- that my mother is amazing
- dinner wont cook itself
- karson sleep talks
- love football
- how to make zucchini bread
- boys smell different than girls
- no target
- rock band is best played at two in the morning
- i could be a nurse
- sisters are great
- how to be frugal
- playing cards is a great source of entertainment
- birth control is not my best friend
- registering a car is fun but third times always a charm
- not to forget coolant
- to live without an AC


matesen said...

You are so funny! Thanks for making me laugh at four in the morning (I am at work). I have learned a few of those things for myself unfortunately!

Katie said...

Hey Linzy! This is Katie. I just ran onto your blog! How are you? Congratulations on getting married. That is so exciting! How’s the rest of life?

jami said...

Linzy I am glad to see that you have learned a lot!! We love you guys and are so happy things are going well

The Robison's said...

Hey Linz! That is so Funny! It's funny how much you learn when you get married. You two look so happy though.

Anonymous said...

Linzy! This is your friend Mindy! Back from the good old days! I saw your blog and couldnt have been more excited! You look absoutely stunning in every pic of course!

Kahananui said...

Hey Linzy, I'm so excited you have a blog. I love all your wedding pictures, you looked beautiful!! It's been fun to catch up with you. I'm so glad you are doing well! You and your husband are such a cute couple!!

Alise Allen said...

Hahahaha! Ohh Linzy this was awesome. Chris and I both read it and it made us laugh!! We miss you so much. And your list of things you've learned are all so true. I love it. Love relating to it too. We're so happy for you and seriously, you need to get your cute butt out here and visit us!