Monday, January 5, 2009

goals for 2009

i dont want to call them new years resolutions because if i look at it that way i'd never accomplish them! there has just been a few things i have wanted to do and i figured i better write them down so if i forget (which give it a few days!) i'll be able to look back and remind myself i need to do it!

take up yoga.
learn to cook real meals. well lets be honest, learn to cook a meal period.
make my first quilt
exercise 5 times a week
finish the extra bedroom in our house
learn to budget my time better
start school next fall
don't be so cranky
go outside my comfort zone to meet new people
go to the temple with kars once a month

well those are just a few things! i probably could go on and on but than i for sure wouldnt get anything accomplished!



you are much more motivated than me. i didn't even want to set goals because I'm so bad with them. if you lived closer to Saint George we could go together to the temple once a month. i need to start doing that

Nikki and Tipper said...

Well if you get some good recipes, share them cause I need to learn too!! And if i ever need some lemon zest I'll call you!! LOVE YA LOU!!!

The Robison's said...

Hey Linzy, This is Mandee. Hey i noticed your blog on taking up yoga, and i was actually wanting to do the same thing and go get a pass out to the gum out here, we should do it together, it would be fun. Let me know if you are interested, they are having this buddy system deal where it 2 for $50, so that would make it $25 a person for the whole gum. If you want to do it with me that would be fun. if not that's cool to.