Sunday, January 4, 2009

our 2008

this year was a great year for the both of us!

* i traveled to new york to bring in 08'
* i saw seattle for the first time with my good friend jillian
* kars finished his first year in his program
* i fell in love with being a dental assistant
* kars went on a cruise with his all his buddies
* kars realized he couldn't live without me!
* we went to disneyland for our first time together (surely not the last!)
* we got engaged
* learned that coolant is very important for your car
* attempted to learn how to cook
* got married in the temple
* went to maui on our honeymoon
* bought our first house
* spent many hours in the heat fixing up our house
* i got my first deer tag (sadly not my first deer)
* kars passed him limited test! wahoo!!!
* i got a new job
* moved to nephi
* learned how to pay bills
* learned how expensive a timing belt is in a passat
* went to the nfr in vegas
* learned that family is truly the most important people we have in our lives
*lived happily ever after! okay so thats what we are hoping for in 2009 and many years to come!


Hills said...

Looks like you have had a fun year Linz!! I am going to tag team the exercise 5 times a week with you! I miss seein you and Jer running at the school :) Unfortunately for me to get it done in the morning I have to go way early! Sounds like you are doing well, hope to see you soon!