Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Father-in-law to the RESCUE!!!

Last night I had one of those moments, you know the kind of moment when you wish your dad was just down the hall. Luckily my father-in-law George just lives a few blocks away.

Karson stayed up in Provo last night because of work and school. That meant that I was home alone. I am a spook as it is but it doesn't help that our house is over a hundred years old and has been infested with mice (yes, disgusting I know) the past few days. I was doing okay until it came time to sleep. I just told myself to fall asleep fast. Sometime around 2 I woke up to a big noise. The kind of noise that scares the you know what right out of you. I couldn't move nor did I want to until I heard it again. I made a quick move and grabbed my phone and called my sleeping husband. I tried to explain to him what was going on inbetween sobs. I think he could tell I was pretty dang scared and hurried and called his dad to come and check on me. In the mean time I grab my lamp and tried in an attempt to make myself hidden (as if I possibly thought that laying as flat as I could would make me invisable!) under a blanket. I think George was at my house in 30 seconds time.

In my mind it was some scary, probably up to no good fella or a big hairy creature with huge teeth. Come to find out... it was just the WIND! How pathetic am I! Needless to say I ended up sleeping on my in-laws couch last night!

Who gets up at 2 in the morning to chase away wind!?! (Thanks George!) It just made me realize how greatful I am for our families. I know that if anything was to happen to us, our families would be there in no time. It doesn't matter if its a call for help to fix a tire or a call to chase away the elements, they are always there for us! We are so lucky and so blessed.


Nikki and Tipper said...

poor girl!! The wind can be mean!! You come by being a spook naturally! It's in your genes!! Thank dad for that!!

karlee said...

awwwwww i love it!! great post.

Connie said...

Hey, I'm impressed you made it to 2:00am. I've got to admit it was a pretty creepy night. Come and sleep at our house whenever Karson isn't home, but next time sleep in a bed!

Jake said...

Oh poor Linzy. I hate it when Jake isn't here too. I would be freaked out too.