Friday, January 14, 2011

Maddens First Christmas

We had a very Merry Christmas this year! It was fun having the little guy around to help us celebrate, even if he didn't have a clue what was going on. We got a big Christmas surprise a few days before Christmas when we found out I was pregnant... again! I don't even know why I honestly took a test except for that I had a dream the night before I was pregnant. When I took the test and that beautiful line appeared I just started crying. Karson was at work so I sent him a text and told him to call me when he was alone. I was afraid to tell him but he was so excited! Two home test and a blood test later confirmed it was true. We didn't know how far along I was but we decided to tell our families anyways and keep up the tradition of surprising them with the news on Christnmas! Karson and I thought it would be funny to find a big brother shirt and have him wear it but who makes big brother in size 5 months! We had to make a little adjustment but it worked out.  We told my family first on Christmas Eve. Karson handed Madden to my mom and she kept saying what did he do, did he poop. My sister Jami just kept saying why did you change him, he looked so cute! It took a few minutes to realize it but it was great! We got the same reaction from Karsons family that night! I don't think anyone was expecting it, but honestly we weren't either. My due date is September 1 and we are honestly getting excited and used to the idea!

I think we wore Madden out on Christmas Eve cause he was still sleeping when we got up. Karson and I decided it might be nice to open up our stuff without having to wrestle with Madden and it was so nice! We had a very nice Christmas and we each got spoiled!

We finally woke Madden up at about 7:30 and it was so confused why we were waking him up. It was pretty funny! He must of been a good boy cause Santa spoiled him rotten! He didn't really care about the presents but he loved ripping the wrapping paper.

We spent the rest of the day being with our families and just enjoying each others company. It was honestly a very relaxing day. Unfortunately Santa brought me a horrible case of Mastitis and I hope I never get that again. Madden gave us the best present and sleep through the night for the first time. I think we exhausted him with two days of excitement! All in all it was a pretty good Christmas. It is crazy to think that next Christmas we will have two little ones!


Jake said...

I still can't believe you are having another baby. September 1st was my due date with Matt. It makes for a very long summer I hate to tell you. I'm excited for you guys. It will be a great adventure having 2 babies so close! It's crazy but well worth it.