Thursday, September 8, 2011

A day at the zoo.

We went to the zoo for Labor Day. Surprisingly it was everyone in our little families first time but mine! Madden loved it and mooed at every animal.

Madden geared up and ready to go!
First time at the zoo for these two fellas.
This is how Madden rode a good percentage of the time!
This is how Nash rode the whole time! He is such a good baby!
Nixon, Bampa, and Madden

He liked the fence a little bit more than the monkeys!
Loving himself some ice cream
Bird watching

After the zoo we went to my moms. This is Maddens favorite place to sit there!
Playing with Nash
Playing with Grandma Red


Jessie said...

that picture of him inside the turtle shell is adorable! what a little cutie :)

p.s. it was good to finally meet nash yesterday! and i'm anytime!!

Unknown said...

Madden looks soo big in all these pictures!! Still can't belive you have two kids now :) they are both soo cute though and you look amazing!