Thursday, February 23, 2012

Boston and Maine

Karson and I had to opportunity to go back East last month on a quick little getaway! Nash got to tag along because he is still attached. It was so hard leaving Madden and even though we missed him we had a blast! It felt like a quick trip but it was fun to go and see places we have never been.

Nashs first plane ride! He did so amazing! Everyone around us commented that they didn't even hear a peep out of him!
Waiting in Denver at one of our layovers
Happy boy!
Nashs first time swimming! He loved it and ever since he kicks constantly in the tub!
We love watching Diners Drive-ins and Dives and when we are in a place where they show one we try to go there! We went to this place called Mikes Pastry's and it was super good! We tried to go to a little Italian restaurant too but the wait was over 3 hours.

We drove down by Fenway Park and about lost our lives getting there! I would never ever want to drive in Boston again! Sheesh!
Nash got to ride shot gun for the first time!
The First light house in America!
Our Maine lobster!
Getting ready to go home!

We had a great time! We are so thankful for our family to watch Madden on short notice!

I Happy

This little boy loves his bed! He is so excited for nap time and bedtime! Lately he doesn't want to get out after he wakes up which is fine by me! He will sit in his crib for at least an hour just playing. This morning he was yelling "I happy" over and over!

Saucer loving, drooling fool!!

Nash loves his little exercise saucer! He loves to be in the standing position so this is right up hid alley! You can tell he enjoys it by the amount of drool that comes out of his mouth! Love this little sweet boy!

Whats yours is mine

That is what Madden thinks with Nash anyway. Luckily Nash is pretty easy going and loves his brother!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Daddys Surprise

I wanted to do something special for Karson for his birthday. Something where the boys could help out too! We decided a big card and some balloons with some yummy key lime pie would do the trick! Madden loved coloring the card. Both boy loved the balloons! It wasn't much but we had fun doing it!

We cheered to a successful surprise!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Infantile Scoliosis

    About a month and a half ago I made a trip up north to visit  my family. Right before I left Nash had one of his major blowouts in his car seat. I took out his infant inserts, threw them in the wash, and off we were. When I got to my parents my dad had mentioned something to me about the way Nash was positioned in the car seat. He was sitting crooked and was noticeably leaning to the right. I chalked it up to the fact that he was still too small and was leaning because he didn't have the inserts in. As soon as we took him out we noticed that he was still leaning and that his head wasn't lining up with his torso. It was such a minimal difference but very noticeable after it was pointed out. I call this blessing number 1 because I don't think my dad would of noticed if I had not taken out the inserts to the car seat.
    Blessing number 2 followed very shortly. Karson was hired full time down here in Nephi which meant we now qualified for insurance. I decided to wait and ask the doctor about Nash at his 4 month appointment. Our insurance started January 1 and I took Nash in a few days later. I am so grateful we have insurance. For the first time in four years we just happened to get insured the same time this was going on.They took Nash down for an X-ray and sure enough his little spine had a curve to it. It was diagnosed as Infantile scoliosis with a 23 degree curve. 
    Blessing number 3 came the way of the internet. As you can imagine we spent countless hours surfing the web for information about Infantile Scoliosis. We had come to learn that it only occurs in 1 percent of babies. My heart dropped when I read that. We came across the most amazing website that helped calm some of my fears. There is so many things they can do now that can fix Scoliosis if discovered early enough. We were referred to Shriners hospital in Salt Lake City to a Doctor who specialized in scoliosis. He is considered the best in the Nation. People come from all over the world to see him and he was only a few hours away from us. We were scheduled a month out and I couldn't wait to go.

    His appointment was Feb.1.  Karson couldn't get off work so I made my mom go with me. I didn't want to be alone. We got there early just to find out they were running late so we had to wait some more. By the time we were called in I was anxious as could be. People were in and out of our room talking with us. They were extremely nice and very reassuring. They measured Nash's spine again and it was a 24 degree angle. We were told that he looked extremely good for all things considered. They told us that since his spine didn't have any rotation to it, that it may have an 80 percent chance of healing on its on. But since he is so little and young it is still hard to tell.  This was honestly music to my ears as well as heartbreaking. I just wanted them to fix him right than and there. We are scheduled to go in 5 months to see if his spine has curved anymore and if so than we will take more action.

   There is nothing scarier than finding out there is something wrong with your little baby. I am so grateful that it isn't something worse though. I am also grateful for the gospel, the power of pray, and love and support from family. We have seen so many blessing come from this. I do know that my little guy will be okay! Thank goodness for modern medicine. If you want to learn more about infantile scoliosis go here.