Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nash's Back

We have had a lot of people ask us about Nash's back. What it looks like, can you tell his little spine is crooked, etc. I decided it is easier to explain just by looking at it. Like I mentioned we have him in therapy and I truly think that it is helping. As you can see in the picture he curves to the left like the letter c. This has made his right side extremely strong by compensating to hold him up. Since we have had him in therapy he has rolled over and has learned to sit up. The doctor at Shriners told me that kids with Infantile Scoliosis are a little slower in development so he might fall behind a bit. I feel like he is right where he should be! He is a tough little guy! He was also diagnosed with torticollis which is where he can't turn his head one way. Since therapy he has done extremely well. He will now turn and hold his head to the left for a bit where he wouldn't even look at all. We don't go back up to Shriners until June so we wont know anymore until than.  We are truly thankful for all your prayers, thoughts, and concerns. We have felt so much love over the past few months. It means a lot to our little family!

Madden had to be in his diaper and wanted me to take his picture too!
Despite everything this little boy is so happy!