Thursday, June 14, 2012


Yesterday we went up to Shriner's for Nash's follow up appointment. I felt unbelievably calm the whole week leading up to it. Thank goodness for prayer. They took Nash right away and got some X-rays of him. After they took us back into a separate room. The doctor came in and started playing with Nash. He was very impressed by how developed and active he was. He had missed his nap so he was crazy hyper and was laughing like crazy. The doctor measured his X-ray and he had gone from a 29 degree curve down to a 20 in just four months! That is 9 degrees! He proceeded to tell us that with a little TLC Nash will completely heal 100% on his own. What amazing news right?! We have to go back in 6 months and Nash will probably need X-rays every year for the rest of his life but I will take that! Nothing makes me happier than to know that he will have the opportunity to have a normal life. We have seen so many blessings come from this. I know Heavenly Father has heard every one of our prayers and has been there to comfort us through this whole deal. Such a blessing and miracle our little Nasher boy is!


The Park Family said...

YAHOO!!! This is the BEST NEWS EVER!!! I am so happy for you and little Nash. What a BLESSING!!

Hills said...

Linz I was so happy to read this post about Nash. I am so glad things are going to be alright. Thanks for always being a good example to us! We love you guys

Sardoni's said...

Congrats Linz I am so happy for you and little Nash!! Medical problems are the worst and even more so when it comes to your babies.