Friday, June 1, 2012

Big boy!

 This sweet little boy is now 9 months old! He is the most content little guy you will ever meet! He just goes with the flow. He has a huge appetite and can eat more than Madden any day. He has not meet a food he has yet to enjoy! He just switched to formula a few weeks ago which was a huge challenge but now its great! He still has just 2 teeth. He has not mastered the art of crawling yet but is trying super hard. He has figured out a way to get places though by rolling, scooting on his back, and pulling at the carpet. He takes two 2 hour naps a day. He goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 7. He is still in our room darn it. We have not made the move because either Madden has been sick or Nash has for the past 3 months. He loves to play with his older brother. He is such a cuddle bug. He loves giving open mouth kisses. He can say ma ma, da da, and no no. He is quite the mommas boy these days. Sometimes I am the only person he wants. He wont watch TV really. He loves to be in water. We love having Nash around! I can not remember life without two kids! Happy 9 months Nash-a-roo!