Saturday, November 17, 2012

Best Big Brother

Nash has been fighting a little cold and teething so he has not been sleeping great. One morning the boys were watching cartoons and Nash laid on top of Madden. I thought it was sweet and figured it would last a few seconds. After a few minutes Nash didn't move and I realized he feel asleep. Madden thought he was awesome holding Nashy. So sweet. Love these little guys of mine.

Breaking Dawn

I went to the late night showing of Breaking Dawn with some family! To be honest I loved the movie. It had me on my toes even though I have read the book. I was regretting it a little going so late when my boys woke up so early! It was a blast so that made it all worth it.

This was my attempt to take a picture of us. Apparently you have to turn the camera around

Movie Night

We rented Arthur Christmas and decided to have a family movie night. I'm 100 percent certain they liked the popcorn more than the movie. It was everywhere before the movie even started. Nash doesn't watch TV much so he was all over the place and ended up in bed. Madden actually watched it and now is so excited for Santa to bring him presents if he's a good boy!


I turned on Curious George for the boys and they decided to snuggles as Madden calls it. They have the funniest relationship these days. They love each other like crazy and are so sweet to each other but yet they pester each other all day long!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

So Sweet

For some reason the boys seem to think our bed is a lot cozier than theirs. They some how end up in our bed every morning. One morning they had fallen back asleep and were holding hands! It was seriously so sweet. I was one proud momma! I mean come on look how cute that is!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

The boys were so excite when it finally started snowing really hard yesterday. They were memorized by it. They wanted to be out their running, jumping, and rolling in it. That is until they realized how cold it was! I love te changing of the seasons and think snow is so beautiful. I hate how it limits is to do things though. It might be a long winter hanging in doors.

I don't yike it naps.

Madden thinks he no longer needs to nap. I don't push it because he sleeps better at night plus it's so much fun to have one on one time with him when Nash is down. Unfortunately when five rolls around he turns into a beast. He gets super cranky and just wants to sleep. Little turkey. 

First Inhaler

Madden graduated from the nebulizer to the inhaler! Happy day happy day! It takes about 30 seconds compared to the twenty minutes two times a day treatment. Plus it saves us about 250.00 bucks a month! He thinks he is so awesome every time he does it too.

After Bath Snuggles

I love getting the boys out of the tub because they love to sit and snuggle with me in their little towels. It's crazy how fast time goes and how fast they are growing up. I'm glad they still like to snuggle with me and I will be sad when they get to big to do it anymore.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Night

Madden was dead set on being Buzz this year for Halloween, that is until the Woody costume came in the mail and Madden was in love with the hat. Luckily Nash was a team player and made a very cute Buzz.  We started our Halloween celebrations Tuesday. The boys had play group and got to dress up for that. That night the boys went trick or treating down main with a bunch of their friends. Sadly no pictures that day. Than on Halloween night the boys trick or treated to a few of our families house and than we headed up to Santaquin to be with cousins. Nash went to two houses and than was content with a sucker in the stroller for the night. Madden loved it. He took his sweet time taking in everyone's decorations too! It was a fun night!

Madden threw a major fit right before we started. We thought we were in for a long night.

Usually we dress up and plan our costumes in advance but sadly this year was different. Luckily we had these footed pajamas handy and were babies for .2 seconds. These pajamas were the beauties I came out in on our Wedding night. Yes I am that awesome!