Monday, April 8, 2013

Nash's Back

Nash and I took a little trip up to Shriners last week and was delievered the best news! Nash's back has fixed itself completly. He went from a 29 degree to basically a 0 in less than a year with just physical therapy. I was elated! I may or may not of shed a few tears when I heard the news. We will have to go back in a year for another check-up which he will most likely have to have for the rest of his life. I will take that over him being in a body cast any day. I am so thankful for Shriners. It is such an amazing hospital. They were so great with Nash and were awesome to answer any of my questions and calm my fears. I think every time he left he left with a handful of toys and books. I will forever be grateful for the blessings this little guy has recieved over the past year. I am not sure why he was born with a crooked little spine but I do know we have been blessed and have become a stonger family by it. Many prayers have been answered.