Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nash turned two!

Nash turned two on August 22. He was so excited for his birthday. We just had a little family party but he was in heaven. He is obsessed with "softball game" aka baseball. That is all he wanted for his birthday. My mom gave him a ball, glove, bat, and a t-ball stand and he is in heaven. He is so hilarious to watch play. He is actually pretty good for a two year old. He is such a funny kid. He can talk really well for being a two year old and I often have to remind myself that he is only two. He thinks he is as big as Madden and wants to be just like him. He loves his "chochy milk". He will pretty much eat anything. He has a bowl of Mac n Cheese for breakfast every day. He is probably the most disgusting kid you will ever meet. He always has food everywhere. He drools like crazy. He is the sweetest boy ever. He loves to snuggle and give smoochie kisses. He loves to be outside and ride his bike. His two favorite shows are Bubble Guppies and Team Umizumi. He is so sweet with baby Owen. We love this crazy little boy!

I love this picture. Someone is holding Mya'smouth so she wont blow out the candles. Too funny.

Nash and his favorite "go cougars" shirt